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Chinese Women Crave Bill Gates’ Sperm


Bill GatesI tried coming up with a clever title for this article. But, well, do I really need something more attention grabbing than that? (I ripped it off from the source.)

According to Weird Asia News:

[China’s ‘Self’ magazine] asked 1000 women from over 15 cities whose bodily fluid they would like to have for some hot action. …

Bill Gates came in second to Chinese sex symbol, Andy Lau. He beat other westerners like David Beckham (5th place) and Brad Pitt (in 10th place).

So if you want to win the hearts (or loins) of thousands of Chinese women, all you have to do is be an uber-geek and make millions. Maybe billions.

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In the most recent National Public Radio / KQED’s Pacific Time program, Vanessa Hua reports “Asian Americans Donate to 2008 Candidates.”

In the past, Asian Americans have not been particularly politically active, especiallyhttp://www.coba.panam.edu/organizations/ama/Images/e1-donate.jpg through donating money to candidates. This is the biggest barrier to getting “a seat at the table.”

In 1996, there was an alleged Clinton campaign finance “scandal,” where China was trying to buy influence by raising money through Chinese-Americans. Most memorable, was Vice President Al Gore’s visit to Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple in California where money raised through the Temple, which is illegal for a non-profit organization to do. These controversies, according to the report and scrutiny turned away Asian-Americans to donate money to political candidates and to get involved.

But it looks like things are slowly changing. But even as I attend political fundraisers or events in California, I am still surprised at how low Asian American participation is…

Someone please explain…


…why I can’t stop playing this old game based on an adult PC game: NANACA†CRASH Game.

Nanaca†Crash is a Flash game which uses characters from an adult PC game called Cross†Channel (warning, link is not work safe). Nanaca†Crash is not itself an adult game though; it’s similar to the “penguin launching” game which was popular on the Internet a while back.

I’m not sure why the link is NSFW, but I didn’t go very far to investigate.

Um, you don’t get it, do you?


TIME - Quotes of the Day for July 23, 2007So I was browsing through the TIME Quotes of the Day slideshow and caught the following quote:

“All those descriptions are obviously contrary to the facts, belittling ourselves and confusing the national identity.”

Taiwanese newspaper Liberty Times praising the government’s plans to drop references in school textbooks that recognize Chinese historical figures, places and artifacts as “national”

Hooray for the Taiwanese government for removing the “national” descriptor (implying China) and taking that kind of propaganda out of the textbooks.

Unfortunately, TIME’s (photo?) editors need to understand the quote a little better.

Irony of all ironies: check out the photo and the photo credit.

Photo: China Photos / Getty | Source: AP

Um, DUH! Taiwan is saying that it is NOT China.


That’s one step removed from the “All Asians are the same” mentality and putting a picture of a Japanese girl dressed like a geisha in the photo next to that caption.

(Click to embiggen the screenshot above.)

Margaret Cho - Sensuous WomanIf you’ve been following Margaret Cho’s blog for a while, you’ll know she’s really gotten into belly dancing and burlesque performances.

If you’re in L.A., you can catch her new work-in-progress prior to her New York Engagement as she presents workshop performances of her new show. (And of course, if you’re in New York, you can keep your eye out for this coming atcha soon.)

THE SENSUOUS WOMAN is being described as

a radical reworking of the classic burlesque/variety show. With a cast of renowned burlesque artists, along with hilarious stand-up and sketch comedy performers, The Sensuous Woman delivers a hilarious evening that presents a whole new ideal of beauty, laced with Margaret’s trademark take-no-prisoners wit.

In case you can’t read the poster, the cast is:
Princess Farhana, Kurt Hall, Ian Harvie, Ryan Huffington, Selene Luna, Liam Sullivan as “Kelly,” and Diana Yanez

The Sensuous Woman workshop performances
The Renberg Theatre at the LA Gay & Lesbian Center
August 10, 11, 17, 23 & 24
All shows 8 p.m.
Tickets: $25

as some of you gentle readers out there are perhaps aware, august 4th of this year marks the 30th anniversary of san francisco’s chinatown/manilatown I-Hotel eviction. today, july 26th, starts off the week dubbed “I-Hotel Home Week” by the Manilatown Heritage Foundation, and what better way to start off the somber (yet festive!) commemorating than a (H)API hour happy hour featuring performances (irreverent and/or irrelevant, you be the judge) by standup comics who were being evicted from their mother’s womb roughly around the same time elderly, low-income filipino tenants were being evicted from the I-Hotel? and drinks always make things better. and festive. and commemorative-y.

the idea is to build community & interest around the new I-Hotel Senior Housing & the Manilatown Center that now stand at the site of the original & iconic I-Hotel, which was torn down a few decades ago. so from now through 8/4 there’ll be various events (a youth organizing workshop, a Kearny Street Revival Poetry Night with sf-based poetry all-stars Al Robles, Janice Mirikitani, Jack Hirschman, Nancy Hom, Oscar Penaranda), culminating with a street fair the afternoon of saturday august 4th (the skyflakes and a bunch of other musical peoples & collectives will be performing throughout the day).

i guess i’m kind of promoting a multi-event here (full disclosure: i am one of the [possibly irreverent, possibly irrelevant, you decide] comics performing tonight, and i work with KSW)–but the 30th anniversary of the i-hotel looms large in the minds & memories of many, so perhaps there’s something worth considering & remembering here. you know, considering & remembering, like commemorating or something.

or perhaps not; you decide. anyway, some memories of the i-hotel stuffs and a bit more detail on exactly what is being commemorated can be found here. there’s also a fairly innocuous yet informative entry about it on wikipedia. commemorate, bitches.

next post: probably about vampires & piles of dead babies (you decide [not really, i’ll decide]).

Inmates version of Jacko’s Thriller


Filed under ‘Things I learned from watching television‘ comes the latest YouTube spectacle making its rounds over the internet.

It’s the CPDRC inmates (Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center) dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller – and you can tell they’ve tried to imitate the entire Music Video because one of the (male) inmates has actually dressed up as a Jacko’s date.

*Caution – may cause mouth to gape open.

For a prison facility to come up with such a creative daily workout regime certainly has got to have a better rehabilitation program than the penitentiary workout regime of solely pumping iron.

POP 88 – Eps 10 – AM/PM Edition


Thanks to everyone at the Dim Sum Karaoke Idol. I had a great time despite being booed at for my constructive comments – (oh well, someone has to be the bad guy)

Music from Uhm Jung Hwa, S.H.E, Koda Kumi plus I get on a soapbox and start giving career advice to some stars.

Also, if you thought traffic is bad where you are right now – I guarantee it couldn’t have been as bad as it was earlier this week.

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How Much Do You Love Ramen?


Ramen Bath I love Japanese ramen. Love it.

And now, I can be it!

Hakone Kowakien Yunessun, a spa theme park located in Hakone, has just unveiled a new themed bath.

The new themed bath is… yes! A bowl of ramen noodle soup! The Mainichi Daily News describes the bath as:

The bath, shaped like a ramen bowl, contains pepper-flavored water colored a light, milky brown, to like tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen soup.

<simpsons sound=”drool”>aaaaaauuuuuuhhhhhh forbidden ramen…</simpsons>

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Aaah, reality television. It’s not truly reality, you know. It’s unscripted, sure, but there are camera crews, a director which calls the camera shots, a team of editors that take hours of real footage to be carefully crafted into 30-minute sound bytes. It can be very misleading and to some reality show contestants, potentially slanderous.

Which is why I love it. Seriously, I’m a huge reality show junkie; you can ask ANY of my friends – I was watching reality shows before Survivor, where I watch as seasons and seasons of The Real World would pass without any Asian man in sight. Over the past couple of years – and especially with the last two seasons of Survivor – I’ve gradually seen more diversity among its contestants, including Asian Americans. And that’s all warm and fuzzy, but honestly – what is the point of reality shows, if we can’t make snap judgments against people we don’t know at all?

Which is why I am branching slightly off the usual link-to-this-website format, to write a Top 6 list of my own: The Top 6 Asian Reality Stars That Make Me Cringe. Ready? Let’s go.

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picture-2.pngThis is the tagline of startdrawing.org, “the Asia drawing portal.” As Ernie said when he provided the link, “who knew such a thing existed?” Prepare to spend some time on the site if you are a fan of illustration. This brilliant portal created by artists Josef Lee and Sam Lay spotlights art and artists from Asia. The founders also often write insightful and informative commentary on the featured illustrations.

I began to bookmark some of my favorites, but then realized that entire sections were my favorites. The site is well-organized, with the illustrations divided into categories (some are in more than one) as well as by the artist’s country of origin. It’s also really interesting to browse by country, as your preconceptions about a particular country’s “style” may or may not be fulfilled.

My favorite category is Fine Arts. The style, subject matter and media run the gamut, from impressionist to realist to abstract to surreal. Another category which will hopefully expand is Motion. Here you’ll find the work of renowned manga artists as well as an a link to Rinpa Eshidan’s (an awesome art collective) YouTube channel.

If you want a suggested tour (and trust my eclectic taste), my individual favorites were:

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Last week a Beijing news reporter reported that steamed buns sold in some of the neighborhoods in Beijing were actually chemically soaked card board mixed with pork fat. This week he is in jail for making up the story.

I remember first hearing about this last week, wondering if people could actually taste the difference between chemically soaked cardboard steam buns, and the real thing. I headed down to the closest Chinese bakery and attempted to make an imaginary comparison. I took pieces of cardboard soaked in acetone and added pork fat. I took the real pork filling out of the steamed bun and added my own Beijing concoction. Surprisingly I could not taste the difference. I mean I did have stomach pains and spent the rest of the night praying to the porcelain gods, but for that split second I could not taste differences between cardboard and the real thing.

Suffice it to say I’m glad that the reporter is getting jail time. It serves him right. He’s getting his just desserts, or more like his just cardboard steamed buns.