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I know I haven’t been around lately. I’ve just been really really busy with school, work, classes, managing a radio station, classes, work… But I hope to make it up to you with a two-parter of my latest episode:

  • Part 1 – New Releases from the last 2 months
  • Part 2 – 30 minutes of non-stop remixes and mash-ups

If you like what you hear, please show your support by supporting the artists and buy their CDs and DVDs using the links provided on this site.

For any requests, comments, suggests, dedications or feedback, feel free to leave a comment at Popcast88.com or send an email.



Part 1 – New Releases

1. 아프죠 (feat. After School) – Sunny Side
2. Bittersweet (feat. M, HyunAh, Mabus, Red Roc, Beige) – Brave Brothers
3. Love Class (feat. Han Ye Seul) – Mighty Mouth
4. Half (feat. Sunnyside) – After School
5. Mister – KARA
6. Vari2ty – Jewelry
7. Abracadabra – Brown Eyed Girls
8. My Ears Candy (feat. Taecyeon from 2PM) – Baek Ji Young
9. R2song – Hwangbo
10. Party Time – Coco Lee
11. Shock – Meisi Kuroki
12. Party Girl – Bahnus Vacuum

Part 2 – Mash-up and Remixes
*you can find most on their YouTube channels

1. Ipohmali (Classic Mix) – Point Blanc – G Sweet
2. Shake Again & Again – Chae Yeon vs. 2pm – Freaky Remix
3. Amoled Everybody – Son Dambi/ After School vs. Rain vs. Brown Eyed Girls – Freaky Remix
4. Abracadabra Genie Fire – BEG vs SNSD vs 2NE1 – KZM
5. Hey Mr. Big – Hyori – DJ Hyo
6. Just wanna think nobody (KZM Remix) – KARA vs. Wonder Girls – KZM
7. Tell Me Harder – Wonder Girls vs. Daft Punk – PLo
9. Hypnotic Dancefloor (DJ Amaya vs. Groovebot Club Remix) – BoA – DJ Amaya

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