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Over 5 months ago, I wrote a very “flattering” open letter to Alexandra Wallace because I sincerely believed that she was truly ranting and had to get some things off her chest. While it was ignorant and in poor taste, I wasn’t get upset by her video because if I had to be honest, I’ve been in that same ranting position before and it was just as ignorant. If anything, I was more amused than anything else.

In the past few days, I’ve seen this video of a girl’s tutorial on “how to be Asian” popping up all over the place. I have to say, I’m not even amused by this. Heck, I’m not even angry. I’m just completely exasperated to every degree because one, another non-Asian thinks it’s so funny to use Asians as cheap punching bags for jokes. Two, I’m seeing so many people in the Asian American community posting this stupid racist video. I’m so annoyed by this that I’m not even going to bother to embed this video on this article. The video is complete with yellow face, slanty eyes held in place by scotch tape, and a moronic sense of humor.

Around this same time, I came across another video that has ignorance written all over it but I couldn’t help laughing myself silly watching this.

Don’t get me wrong; this video is definitely ignorant and the usage of stereotypical traditional Chinese music in the background doesn’t help at all. Yet, I didn’t have too much of a problem with this because it didn’t seem racist by any means. Ignorant, yes. Offensive, yeah. But racist? Nah. For that, I seem to be okay with this but I want your opinion. Compare the two videos and tell me your reactions. Do any of them make you upset or angry? Are you amused at one and not at the other? Are you laughing at both? And why?

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