• VanCityNights

    I think the first video (from UCLA) is so popular because of the romance of it, and how well planned it was. I don’t think it has anything to do with race. Whether they were white, black, asian, latin, the video would have been a hit.

  • http://www.8Asians.com/ jozjozjoz

    I don’t care if everyone thinks I’m a grouch for saying this, but NO MORE FLASH MOB PROPOSALS.

    Ok, I don’t care how you get proposed, but if it must be in flash mob format, then please do me the favor of not making me watch it. Kthxbye.

  • Vaughan

    Better flash mob proposals than flash mob robberies – get real people!

  • http://www.8Asians.com/ jozjozjoz

    @Vaughan We can all say NO to Flash Mob Proposals AND Flash Mob Robberies.

  • johnklin

    I’m impressed with the number of people this guy was able to recruit for the flash mob proposal and still keep it a secret!

  • raymonst

    @jozjozjoz i… actually agree. when i see flash mob proposals, all i can think of is “look at meeeeeeee, wheeeeee”

  • mwei

    either one is better than a subway flasher

  • http://www.8Asians.com/ jozjozjoz

    (I meant “I don’t care how you get *engaged*”, but the point still stands.)

    I guess it’s just that I’m over the idea and it’s not “creative” or “original” anymore. I mean, if Fox is doing a reality show where people are proposing and getting married to a mob of 1,000+ plus people, flash mob proposals have totally jumped the shark.

  • http://thylacine.livejournal.com/ ErikaHarada

    Oh god this is all so cheesy D: I feel like throwing up right now. UGH

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