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You may have already seen this flash mob marriage proposal.  Although flash mob proposal videos have been around for a while, why has this one become so popular?  Is it just the sheer romantic nature of the video or something else? Let’s take a look at this video and two other ones and perhaps see why.

One could say that since the video was put up by Flash Mob America, and people naturally picked it up.  Then again, there are other proposals that they put up that didn’t go viral.  Sure it’s romantic, but other flash mob proposals are romantic.  As jaded as it may seem, I think that some of the interest is a play against stereotype.  “An Asian guy romantic?   Actually having an Asian fiance?   Hey, that’s different!”  Am I just too cynical, or is that one of the reasons that this video has gotten mainstream media attention?

The next video has even more hits.  What appealed to me is this video’s really excellent execution and sharp dancing.  Not surprising, as the proposer and his fiance are directors of the Marvels Dance Company.

The above two videos are from Southern California – let’s see how Northern California does it!  I found out about this one from Angry Asian Man, and he likes this one the best out of all three.   I like it too for a lot of reasons – cultural elements like a ribbon dance, old school moves like the Running Man and Roger Rabbit, and a title that is a wonderful ethnic pun.  It may not have as good production values as the other ones, but it seems as romantic and sincere.

I would never have proposed so publicly as these guys, but I have to salute their boldness, romance, and preparation.  And while it’s sad that one seems to be popular as a play against type, I think it’s one small step against getting rid of that “type.”

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