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On behalf of myself, Susan, and all the folks at 8Asians and GASP!, congratulations to all the winners of the 2011 edition of 8Asians’ 8Days of Giveaways Celebration:

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Happy New Year and best wishes for 2012!

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Desktop Flip Clock


Too many clocks try to do everything nowadays. From playing tunes, waking you out of bed and letting you know the temperature, it’s hard to find a clock that only tells you the time. This Desktop Flip Clock ($39.90) does just that in a flipping great fashion. Made of solid metal and acrylic, this clock is a perfect blend of style and function, since you know you have tons of other gadgets to do those other tasks anyway.

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Earlier this past week, CBS aired the 2011 Kennedy Center Honors celebration, which took place earlier in December. Yo-Yo Ma was one of the six honorees, which included singer Barbara Cook, singer and songwriter Neil Diamond, saxophonist and composer Sonny Rollins, and actress Meryl Streep. I think it goes without saying that when one thinks of a great cellist, one thinks of Yo-Yo Ma. The Kennedy Center Honors is an annual honor given to those in the performing arts for their lifetime of contributions to American culture. Congratulations to Ma on a well deserved honor!


Jean Quan faced a tough first year as the mayor of Oakland after her controversial handling of the Occupy movement. From the New York Times: “For Ms. Quan, 62, a longtime civil rights activist and former union organizer whose husband and 29-year-old daughter participated in Occupy protests, the possibility of being undone by youthful demonstrators poses a painful paradox….’My background has made it emotionally harder’ to order police actions against them, she said. “But I’m the mayor of the city. I have to make decisions based on being the mayor.'”

Safari Fall Wing Tote


Every season, fashion magazines tell us that there’s a new bag in style–hobo, clutch, cross-body–and it’s hard to know if your purchase is really going to make it for the long haul. Luckily, there’s something that’s always in style: giving back, and one way to do it is with this Safari Fall Wing Tote ($140) by SlickWear.org. This tote is one of many products created by the eco-friendly line, and 25% of all sales are donated to a non-profit. On purchasing, you can choose which initiative you’d like to help out. They offer everything from totes, to clutches, to wallets, to t-shirts, so you can find something for everyone.

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One of the predictions from the admissions officer who spoke at The Daughter’s High School was that as public universities get their funding cut, they will seek to increase revenue by recruiting more out of state students who can pay much higher tuition rates. This subject also came up in an 8asians discussion about affirmative action. The ever acerbic mwei stated:

“…most likely they’ll try to get more of the rich international students from Asia anyhow to boost up their sales to get higher profit margins, erhm, I mean their tuitions for higher education quality.  So ‘Asian-American students’ lose out again, because you know they equate Asia Asians as the same and the Asian quota is filled by rich Asia Asians.”

mwei is actually right here.  Foreign students, many from China, are beginning to push out Asian American students from public colleges.

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When it comes to decorating, it’s fairly expected to have a print of Van Gogh’s Starry Night or Monet’s lilies. Why not show off your unique taste with this Miyazaki-inspired print by Martin Hsu, entitled Lily’s Kitty ($25). Each print is signed and numbered, with a limited run of 200 prints. If you don’t have the chance to snap up one of these, there’s plenty of other cool stuff available on his site.

Special Offer: For a limited time, enter the code holiday2011 at checkout for 15% off of your order! This applies to tees, prints, and books–sorry, not original paintings.

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A few weeks ago, CEO & Co-Founder of San Francisco-based Hearsay Social Labs (a social media enterprise company) Clara Shih was named as a director for Starbucks. Quite an accomplishment for anyone, but especially at the ripe old age of 29!

Considering how few Asian Americans there are at the CEO, upper management or board of directors level, I was pleasantly surprised to hear about Shih’s news. And women are notoriously poorly represented in Silicon Valley board rooms. In fact, women in general are poorly represented in all businesses (only 16% of all board seats in the U.S.). So it’s a bit ironic that Shih was named a director at a non-tech focused company, where she could probably add a lot more value.

I’m not sure what Shih knows of the coffee and retail business, but her knowledge of social networking – having worked on social and enterprise related products at Google and Salesforce.com, as well as her work at Hearsay, will I’m sure bring a different perspective to the Starbuck’s board. I use Starbucks all the time to meet up with friends and business partners (as well as for my coffee fix). Congratulations to Shih on her new role!

Editor’s Note, 12/29/11 @4:53pm: The article originally stated that Clara Shih was with “Hearsay Labs,” but has been corrected to “Hearsay Social”

Via English and Asian American Studies College Professor Timothy Yu: “…it would seem that Asian American studies has a long way to go in reshaping the larger public discourse on Asians in America. We can’t expect every college graduate to have taken a course in Asian American studies. But would it be so much to ask that some of the basic insights of the field–its rewriting of the historical record on Japanese American internment, its assertion that Asian Americans are not simply foreigners or aliens, but have an experience and history of their own–be more common knowledge? Why don’t we see Asian American scholars being quoted in the media or publishing books that reach a wide audience?”

Robin Lim Named CNN’s 2011 Hero Of The Year


Earlier this month CNN honored 10 people ranging from directors of non-profits that support military widows, urban youth, and people with disabilities. But, the story that captured my heart was about Robin Lim, or “Mother Robin,” who was the CNN Hero of the Year.

Mother Robin, a Filipino-American, is a mid-wife and founder of free health clinics called Yayasan Bumi Sehat. These clinics offer prenatal care, birthing services, and other medical care for mothers-to-be in Indonesia, which is one of many impoverished countries that has high maternal and infant mortality rates because hospital costs and improper care of new mothers.

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Taka the Ninja iPad Leather Case


Here at GASP!, we’ve long been part of the debate about pirates versus ninjas. Some months ago, we offered a pirate keychain but now we’ve found something bigger and better: this Taka the Ninja iPad Leather Case ($55.50). Handstitched from leather, this case serves a dual purpose: to protect your Apple investment, and to show your support for ninjas in this historic argument.

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I had heard of the crowd funding site Kickstarter before, initially from a TechCrunch article on raising money for a project to make an iPod Nano wrist watch band called the TikTok. But I didn’t know much about the company itself and caught this NBC Rock Center segment on the company.

After a backgrounder on Kickstarter,  co-founders Yancey Strickler and Perry Chen are interviewed. However, I was disappointed that Strickler got a lot more airtime and thought, oh, maybe stereotypically, Strickler is the CEO and Perry is the CTO or technical guy. Then I Google’d a little, was surprised that Perry was the CEO. Maybe NBC edited the best parts of the interview and the clips just worked out that Strickler got to speak more. But I thought it was odd Perry didn’t get more airtime.

In any case, congratulations to Kickstarter and all those seeking funds there on their success!