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  • http://goonthecheap.blogspot.in/ Stephanie

    All these thoughts I’ve heard in my own brain as I was in the early stages of dating my current boyfriend who is a white Australian.  I was pretty close to shutting the whole thing down because I didn’t want to be “another Asian girl dating a white guy” but that’s actually racist in itself if race was going to be the only basis for rejecting him.  

    I think that while these thoughts do echo in people’s minds, I don’t think the Asian-American community needs to reinforce these ideas.  It is what it is, people have their own reasons.  Collectively, it is an interesting phenomenon but it’s not a new thing.  These ideas doesn’t contribute anything to what’s already on a lot of people’s minds.  Reading the comments on the Deanne Fei article that you linked to, the comments were really condemning and judgmental based on her choice of marriage partner.At least in the American context, give it a little more time and we’ll see Asian men and women paired with people of all races, not just the pseudo dichotomy of white or Asian.  Asian men marrying white women is on the rise.  

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  • Terry

    These ideas need to be expressed. If it makes you uncomfortable, (probably because your current boyfriend is white) I’m sorry but any truth that shakes our perspective makes us uncomfortable. If you really do support the Asian-American community, you should ask yourself “Why is this happening?” and not say “it’s an interesting phenomenon but let’s stop talking about it”

    Please ask yourself why “a little more time” is even a factor in this case: why at this point in time, right now, research says Asian-American women are 36% likely to date/marry white while Asian-American men are at 17% (which even seem under-represented to me because I seem to see 10 Asian girl-white guy couples walking in NYC to every 1 Asian guy-white girl couple)

    Why? Why did the Asian woman-white man pairing get ahead of its opposite if the so-called “era of all-races interracial bonding” is arriving? Bc Asian men are slow? Bc at this point in time, white men are more attractive to Asian women than Asian men are to white women? If so, why? Is it because Asian-American men lack something that white men have? Okay, then why is that?


    Ever heard the saying “you’re judged on the company you keep”. Well the same goes for your choice of marriage partner. Nothing exists in a vacuum. Your choice of marriage partner tells a lot about your values and personality, no matter how much you try to deny it. Therefore you can’t say that it’s wrong for others to judge you, for better or for worse, based on who you marry or date.
    Saying that, it is logical to say that asian women or men who outmarry, value another race over their own in general terms.

  • LBLover

    I’m so sick of seeing old geezers with young asian women. What are the women thinking? I know what the men are thinking, but why do the women go along with it? Do they really like old men or do they just like the money and status of a successful husband, never mind he’s got 15, 20, 25 years on them. It’s disgusting.

  • Ezikel

    It’s all in your head.

  • Kenneth

    Articles like these put douchebags like Tim and John in there place.

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