• zdrav

    This is still all about some Asian-American women marrying “up” by marrying white. Yes, Jews are not exactly WASPs, but they’re still considered white (except by a few hardcore racists) and hold a lot more power than Asian-Americans in America.

    Notice how all the Asian-Jewish couples are with a Jewish man and Asian woman. Where’s the Asian man in all this? He’s been left behind by the Asian woman, who has bought into the American idea that white is better. But the Asian woman has to settle for the lowest status white guy: the Jewish male.

    Let’s call this for what it is: Asian-American females wanting to marry up by marrying white, and settling for the “lowest” whites: the Jews.

  • sternhead

    OTH, you could say it’s the two groups that fret most over racial purity finding each other.


    Totally agree. Asian women are basically at the bottom of the totem pole in western society. They have the greatest desire to fit in to the dominant culture therefore they have the highest intermarriage rates (not coincidentally mostly to whites). Asians in America in general have the greatest desire to assimilate and not cause waves. They are the most passive and weakest of all the races. This partially contributes to AA females desire to find a partner from the dominant culture so they can feel secure in western society and fit in.
    Despite this they will always be seen as an outsider and never be given full status because of their submissive nature. IMO they need to take a cue from blacks and be more vocal and expressive when they face injustice, instead of just passively standing by and taking it.

  • Yeah, it’s generally true that a lot of these couples’ kids are raised as Jews, but you need some perspective on this. There’s a largely secular Jewish “culture’ which isn’t that different from mainstream white culture (or whoever is in the majority of where they’re living). Most of the AA/Jewish couples belong to this group rather than like the more religious/orthodox ones. The few things that make them Jewish is like no pork, no Christmas, etc. Sometimes they don’t even care about the Pork thing, and also participate into some Christmas stuff like presents or setting up a tree. Some of these kids I know also learn Mandarin and kinda celebrate Chinese New Year (like red pockets, fireworks, the parts of that holiday that have can be interpreted to have little or no religious affiliation). So, yeah, if you all think from this angle, it would make sense why their kids would be raised more “Jewish”.

  • zdrav

    I have Asian guy friends who have white girlfriends, and I have Asian female friends who have white boyfriends.

    All in all, I think IR relationships are good, as long as they are free of self-hating or racist ideas.

    But it still causes me to shake my head when some of these Asian-American women cite cultural compatibility and values as reasons for hooking up with Jewish guys.

    Uh, you know who else shares even more cultural compatibility and values as you? Asian-American guys.

    But eww, that’s Asian guys. And don’t you know that Asian women are the most enlightened race of women in the world, in that they not only exhibit absolutely no bias towards their own in-group, but they also sometimes explicitly favor outsiders (aka white guys)?

    Come on, Asian women. You can get your Ivy League degrees and drive your Porsches/Priuses, and have your Coach handbags, but many of you still have a Third World Mindset.


    I also think IR relationships, if based purely on the same factors that drive same-race relationships, are a good thing for society as a whole. It shows that people are becoming more accepting of one another. However, with asian-white relationships, we all know that isn’t the case. If it were there would be an equal amount of AF/WM and AM/WF partnerships. Granted some AMs aren’t attracted to WFs but that doesn’t explain the whole disparity. A large part is western society portraying the AM as unattractive and unsuitable as a partner. And AFs, being easily manipulated, buy right into this. I won’t even get into other races like blacks and hispanics because we all know the vast majority of IR asian relationships are with whites, due to asians desire to fit into the dominant culture.

    When AFs with non-asian males try to act more “asian” (going to asian restaurants, teaching their kids an asian language, attending asian cultural events, etc.) it’s just an effort to compensate for the fact that they have a severe inferiority complex towards whites and borderline hatred toward their own race. In order to not seem like a total sellout they try overcompensate and be as “asian” as possible so they can show everyone how “proud” they are of being asian. It’s really a joke when I see these types of people. I’ve also seen AMs do the same thing but on a far smaller scale.

  • zdrav

    I don’t think you’re right in insinuating that AFs are somehow more prone to being manipulated than AMs.

    AMs, if given the same “opportunities” as AFs, would behave EXACTLY the same way. I’ve heard plenty of Asian guys with white girlfriends talk about how white girls are hotter and other embarrassing BS like that.

    The IR disparity is not the important problem. Rather, it’s a symptom of the collective low self-esteem of the Asian-American community in America.

    Thankfully, I think we have a lot to be optimistic about. I believe this lack of self-respect was a result of 2 main things: A) the relative poverty of Asia back in the 1970s and 1980s, and B) the sheer lack of numbers of Asian-Americans in America.

    Asia is much wealthier and savvier than in the past, and Asian-Americans are the fastest-growing demographic in America.

    For a long time, marrying white meant marrying up, no matter what anybody tries to tell you. These days, that’s not an automatic given.

  • david0688

    I wonder if anyone has looked into parental pressure as to a reason why there’s a disparity.

  • zdrav

    There is definitely parental pressure. From personal experience, I once heard a Korean mom talking about how much she liked her daughter’s white husband because he treated her so well. But then, she said that she would never tolerate her son (who had dated white girls in the past) marrying a white girl because she didn’t want some “blonde bitch” laying hands on her grandchildren (I guess these grandchildren counted more than her daughter’s children because they were through her son???).

    I think a lot of Asian women have an inferiority complex towards white women, and they try to assert their equality/superiority by marrying white men, or discouraging their sons from dating or marrying white women.

    That being said, I don’t think that parental pressure is that huge a factor. If Asian men were readily seen as good romantic partners by non-Asian women, then no amount of parental nagging would prevent those men from marrying whomever they wanted.


    I pretty much agree with zdrav. It probably does play a small part but in this day and age, people will pretty much marry/date whoever they want.


    Actually my reasons for feeling AFs are more easily manipulated than AMs don’t have to do with race. I feel in general females are more easily manipulated than males. They’re just more self-conscious and have a greater desire to fit in. Ex. being a single 40 something female carries a lot more stigma than being a 40 something single male. But yes, both AFs and AMs are brainwashed by the media, I just think it’s worse for females. I don’t mean to offend anyone, it’s just the way I see it.

    Agree with the rest of you post. However just wanted to add that being wealthy doesn’t solve all your problems with self-esteem. If it did than Japanese (who are on par with most western nations economically) wouldn’t feel subpar towards whites. It’s also about being confident in yourself and your culture. Feeling free to be who you are no matter what others think. A prime example of this is when a Chinese person living in China is ashamed of themself for not being able to speak good english with a foreigner. What about them learning Chinese since you are in China? This shows an inferiority complex toward another culture and admitting you are beneath them. To me self-esteem and confidence is the biggest everyday problem facing asians today.

  • zdrav

    Eek, can’t agree with you at all on the whole “females are more prone to manipulation” type. Besides, doesn’t the sexist stereotype portray women as the evil manipulators who take advantage of the poor gullible men?

    American society tells both AMs and AFs that whites are the best romantic partners. Thus, many AMs and AFs feel that in order to be seen as equals to whites, they have to date/marry them as well. However, due to racist stereotypes, AFs have an easier time carrying out this “dream” than AMs. AMs are forced to “settle” for AFs and try to console themselves that AFs are better than WFs, but if they were given the same opportunities to date/marry up as AFs are, they would do so in a heartbeat (see the example of black men).

    Basically, the IR disparity is a symptom of ingrained white supremacy. Honestly, what do I care who other people date or marry? But because the IR disparity is a glaring symptom of existing racial inequality, it’s a problem that needs to be questioned, examined, and addressed.

    It’s not just “natural preferences”, no matter what some white guys and Asian women try to say.

  • APBrian17



    OK I’ll agree to disagree about the differences between males and females. I see where you’re coming from. Anyway, I don’t think the difference is huge, the bigger problem, like you said, is many in the asian community feeling like they are inferior to whites. As for me personally, I’d always been mostly attracted to AFs with a few exceptions and if given the choice would always want to be with an AF rather than any other race. But then again I grew up in Hawaii, where the dominant culture is mainly asian and polynesian. So growing up I never felt below anyone because of my race. I don’t think blacks have exactly the same problems as asians, but I guess that’s a topic for another discussion.

    I agree with the rest of your post, it’s spot on. I seems like we have a similar mindset with small disagreements. I always do my best to educate people, especially those from Asia (whenever I go to Asia or when they come to the US), as many of them seem totally naive about the issues asians face in the West. I also learn a lot from them and their mindset towards race relations.

  • zdrav

    Agree with most of what you said. We can all do our part to fix the problem.

    What we can’t and shouldn’t do is tell Asian women what to do. We can’t tell Asian-American women to reject all advances from non-Asian men and only be with Asian men because they belong to us or something. That’s completely backwards and unfair, since there are lots of decent non-Asian men who would make great partners for Asian-American women.

    Let’s keep in mind that 95% of America is non-Asian, so telling either Asian-American men or women that they’re only allowed to date/marry 5% of the American population is idiotic.

    And if there are some Asian-American women who hold racist beliefs against their own group, then to hell with them. That kind of severe character flaw probably affects other parts of her personality/intelligence, so it’s no big loss. I have no desire to win over dumb girls with severe War Bride Mentalities.

    So instead of trying to convince/shame others, let’s focus on what we can do. We as Asian-American men can do our best to present ourselves in the best light possible. We can help reshape the American perception of Asian culture and history, which has always taken a huge backseat in terms of glamor and prestige when compared to European culture and history.

    It may not be encouraging to start near the bottom of the ladder, but that means that there’s a world out there to be reshaped by our own efforts. I think that’s a very exciting opportunity, and I’m thankful to have been born into a situation where I have potentially great power to remake my demographic’s image.

  • weirdalsuhf

    Pretty much how I feel when it comes to what AM’s can and should be doing when it comes to our social well-being.

    What do to: Be the best person you can be and don’t pay any attention to the stereotypes or anyone who *thinks* they’re better than you.

    What not to do: Don’t get all pissed when you see Asian females with White dudes and act like it’s the end of the world. Don’t let that hatred consume you. Don’t waste your time posting on the internet about your hatred for how unfair it is against us. You can be doing better things with your time, like working out, making friends, etc.

    Self-hating Asians who like to talk crap about their brothers and sisters deserve 0.000% of your time.


    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Of course telling asian women they can only date asian men will backfire. We all know how asian women like to “rebel” as long as they fit into mainstream culture. Besides, it’ll just further tarnish the image of asian males according to them.
    You seem like a pretty confident person and probably not at the bottom of the dating ladder, and I’ve never felt like I was either, but I agree in western society, in general asian males aren’t seen as the most desirable romantic partners. I like the way you think and your awareness (which many asians lack). Hopefully with both of us and other asian males working to change the image of asians worldwide, it’ll make it better for future generations.

  • zdrav

    Thanks. And KamiKazi, you seem like a cool dude but I’m a little bothered by some of your characterizations of Asian women. You seem to think that they are weak-minded and easily manipulated, always wanting to “fit in” or “rebel”.


    Well I don’t characterize all or maybe not even most, asian women like that but too many are, IMO. I mean most of my evidence is anecdotal and subject to interpretation but I guess it’s just the way I see it. Reasonable people can still interpret things differently, like we do. There are many asian women who are great people without these problems. I guess the ones with these problems stand out more and that’s why I remember them more.

  • Vivian

    Are Jewish women racist as well when they say Asian women are stealing all of their rich Jewish men (Mark Zuckerberg, Rupert Murdoch, Moonves, ViVi Nevo)?

  • zdrav

    I just don’t think you can “genderize” the issue because black men behave very similarly to Asian women when it comes to IR relationships.

    It’s a white supremacy issue: American culture instills upon all minority groups that white is the ideal group to associate with, and those groups whose race-based stereotypes work in their favor when it comes to romance (blacks being a overly masculine race and Asians being an overly feminine race) will take advantage of the stereotypes in order to date/marry whites.

    My experience has also been quite different from yours. My extended family consists of many Asian-American women, and every single one of them married Asian men. In fact, when I went to my aunt’s wedding a few years ago, the only IR couple there was an average-looking Asian dude and his tall and beautiful blonde wife. Take that for what it’s worth.

  • zdrav

    Jewish guys have their ethnic/racial insecurities as well. From my experience, some of them think that Jewish women are ugly because they have large noses, bushy curly hair, and have undesirable Jewish cultural traits. These guys think that WASPy girls are the best, followed by Asian girls.

    So I understand how some Jewish women may be frustrated that people in their own group internalize the vicious stereotypes that have been levelled at Jews for centuries.

    Thinking that any group of men/women belong to you is backwards thinking.


    Put it this way, I think AFs and AMs, while both facing discrimination and racism, handle it in different ways, like you mentioned before. I’m not putting more or less blame on either gender, both have areas to improve in. Putting more blame on AFs will only further divide us. I guess it’s also because I rarely see an asian female as aware and passionate about improving the image of asians as AMs. Agree with blacks behaving similarly to AFs, but I don’t believe blacks face exactly the same problems as the asian community.
    Of course I totally agree with your 2nd paragraph. The root of the problem is western cultural hegemony/white supremacism, whatever you want to call it.
    Living in a place as diverse as Hawaii both my asian male and female relatives have outmarried, and not only to whites. As for intermarriage with whites, AM/WF couples literally outnumber WM/AF couples 3 to 1. But I know that’s an exception to the general rule.

  • VCarson

    The theory of relative wealth makes no sense. Otherwise, why are there more black men paired with white women than the reverse? Under no circumstances could marrying a black man be considered marrying up for a white woman generally.

    As such, Asia and Asians becoming more wealthy will probably do absolutely nothing for the disparity. If such a disparity is capable of existing between whites and black men, where the complete opposite wealth gap exists, I don’t see any evidence that rising incomes of Asian men will reverse the trend. If anything, a preponderance of evidence would suggest the opposite will take place (rising Asian income will lead even more Asian women to marry out, this is what I personally predict will happen).

    Even the media argument is lacking, since if the media depicts white men as the most desirable, why is that more white women choose black men than black women choosing white men? Are white women uniquely resistant to the influence of the media… just looking around, the idea seems preposterous.

    Your theories sound nice and comforting, but they don’t stand up to even a cursory look at the evidence.

  • Don

    This topic has been rehashed so many times it gets tired, but here are my views. @Vivian Have you experience this yourself?. Jewish White women are not racist and should show their percieved displeasure/abandonment – the same as some Asian Men feel with WM/AF or some Black women with BM/WF relationships. It is the ones with the fetish preference and total exclusion of their own ethnicity is also racist itself. Asian women blindly wants to date only white while excluding Asian men and White/Jewish men who only fetish date Asian women while puting down their own kind. Same with Black men who only date white women and excludes black women. Preference my @ss Of course this does not apply to those who don’t have self hate of their culture and open minded and who just happen to fall in love with someone of another race, religion or culture which I respect.

  • Jews love Asian women. It’s not rocket science.

  • zdrav

    White women are on the top of the hierarchy, so there’s not as much need for them to marry up, at least speaking in racial terms. Moreover, white women are the most endogamous of all racial groups of women, so the vast majority of white women marry white men.

    Asian-Americans may have high income levels, but that’s a relatively recent trend and it hasn’t yet lifted Asian-Americans from the “penny-pinching immigrant perpetual foreigner” stereotype. Also, many Asian-Americans come from poorer immigrant backgrounds (for examples, Asian families running laundromats, liquor stores, etc.).

    It’s also not purely about money either. Social/cultural capital is huge as well. Until very recently, Asian-Americans have had very little (if at all). Their homelands were seen as either poor or faceless imitators of the West. America gave Asian-Americans very little to be legitimately proud of with regards to their ancestral homelands.

    As I said before, racist stereotypes in American culture depict blacks as overly masculine from the white norm, and Asians as overly feminine from the white norm. And whites, as the dominant group, have the ultimate power in deciding from which racial groups they’ll accept IR partners.

    And the minority groups, having been mainly bombarded with images of white idealization, will jump at the chance of being able to associate romantically with whites IF GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY. I’m sure lots of Asian men, Indian men, Indian women, and black women fantasize about dating a hot white girl or guy, but they haven’t been racially fetishized by whites, so they’re left on the sidelines.

  • zdrav

    Also, the latest Pew data on interracial marriage shows that Asian-Americans are the only group whose rates have been declining, whereas every other group has had a rising rate.

    So it would appear that your prediction is on track to be wrong.

    It’s really no surprise. A rising Asian-American population means less of a feeling of racial isolation in America (which in turn spurs a desperate desire to fit in with the dominant group, whites). Couple that with an Asia that is modern and cool and aspirational, and there’s less of a stigma in dating/marrying within your own race.

    Are you Asian-American? Because if you’re not, you really have to have had the experience of growing up as one in order to understand what it feels like to feel like you don’t belong in America and aren’t good enough compared to whites, and the subsequent desire to do anything to fix that situation.

  • This is a BS article. Asian Americans need to get their brains checked, and really need to decolonize their minds. As AAs, the essential questions need to be asked, like why we are here in the US and abroad? A quick tour in history ties much of what happened in Asia to the colonial imperial invasion by the west and should be mandatory knowledge for all AAs. Japan bombed Pearl Harbor because America started the military offensive by forcing their borders open. The British empire attempted to dope China with opium and divvy the territory. Vietnam was fighting for their independence from an oppressive French regime. The list goes on. As Asian Americans, we are in a unique position to push for change in US/western foreign policy by means of historical awakening and awareness.

  • My guess is the Zionist want to infiltrate China and Asia with their own half Chinese/Jew Zionist agents in order to control and topple the growing Asian Superpower. Creating half breed Zionist is the usual tactic Jews have used for many millennia from Egypt, Rome, Britain, Germany, USA, etc.

  • Vcarson

    Japan bombed pearl harbor because it needed US oil supplies, the US had put sanctions on Japan for its brutal invasion and occupation of China. Without oil, Japan’s war against China was doomed. Japan thought a quick strike on the US would teach the US a lesson and end sanctions. For someone who advocates learning about history, you sure don’t know much of it.
    Now if you mean Japan had the capability of bombing pearl harbor because the US forced it to open up and modernize fifty years earlier, I suppose you are right. But that’s like blaming Smith and Wesson for the fact that you robbed a convenience store. The problems is that you are a punk and a robber, not that Smith and Wesson manufactures guns. Blaming the person who makes the tools is a weak excuse, and insulting to the Japanese, it implies Japanese are so base that given modern weapons of war, they would inevitably use them in an offensive manner, it is racist tripe,

  • Vcarson

    Your theory is again easily disprovable by evidence. In South Africa and the United States, it’s between three and four times more common for white women to couple with black men than the reverse. In Sociological studies, black women prefer black men, and are unlikely to pick white skinned as a partner even if both are presented as a possibility.
    You start off with a plausible theory: White people are idealized and this is why Asian women prefer them. But then you are progressively forced to add all these riders which make your theory more and more complex and therefore more and more unlikely. You say that American culture is controlled by whites, with the disclaimer that blacks make a big contribution. If they make a big contribution, then they also have an element of control! You add to that black women have not been “fetizished,” why then do black men prefer more curvaceous women and white men less curvaceous women in studies?
    And finally, if economics has anything to do with it, why is the rate of interrecial marriage increasing as Asians become wealthier and have more presence and power in the media (and not in fact decreasing)?

  • Vcarson

    Wrong. The lastest pew data indicates that second and third generation Asian Americans continue to have an increasing level of out marriage. It is only made up for by the fact that there are more first generation Asian immigrants in America than ever before (who tend to marry in-group). If you interpret the data correctly, it does nothing but confirm my prediction correct.
    And yes I am Asian American, not only that but my wife is first generation Chinese American.

  • Vcarson

    Overall your complex, nice sounding theories remind me a lot of what you get from white power people over on stormfront. They strive to explain why more and more white women are coupling with black men given that they believe whites are a the top of the hierarchy. Their explanation is of course that Jews are behind the whole thing, and emasculating white men – similar to your theory, but with a different nefarious actor.
    I don’t put stock in any of these complex nonesense theories. I think it comes down to one thing: Men are driven more by looks in who they partner with, and men prefer lighter skinned feminine partners. This leads black men to date lighter skinned black women and white women. Asian women marry black men more frequently than Asian men marry black women. It’s a very simple explanation for this trend which appears across cultures and across times (even in Ancient China it was more common for Uighur men to marry Chinese women than for Chinese men to marry Uighur women, which couldn’t possibly have been caused by the western media!). White man more frequently date Asian women (who statistically tend to be petite and lower average weight with a light skin tone in America) than Asian men date white women (who in America tend to be more over weight and more muscular).

  • Vcarson

    Nice, so anti-semitism has spread to my fellow Asians. Great.

  • happyappa

    I don’t think the person is Asian (not that it matters, because he is still anti-semitic) – one of their comments on another blog:
    “What are you guys talking about? I’m glad us white people are violent. That’s why we’re the master race!”
    And other anti-Jewish, white power yucky comments.

    It seems they said they were Asian in a comment below though, and are trying to spread anti-Jewish sentiment while pretending to be a “fellow Asian”?

  • cjl2009

    You bring up an interesting point about South Africa, but we should keep in mind that South Africa has roots as a European colony, thus has a Western/Eurocentric outlook about race and aesthetics. It’s not some foreign alien world that existed in a vacuum.

    Also, what about the IR marriages on the Russia-China border that overwhelmingly tend to be between Chinese men and Russian women? And these are ethnically Russian (white) women, not ethnic Siberians like the Nenets or Yakuts.

    The Pew data said that Asian-American men born in America had an outmarriage rate of 32%, whereas their female equivalents were at 43%. While that is indeed a gap, it is not that big of a difference, and if that were true across the board, then most Asian guys wouldn’t have much to complain about.

    The “problem” lies in the fact that foreign-born Asian women in America are MUCH more likely to outmarry than their male equivalents. This seems to be causing the major IR marriage imbalance in the Asian-American community.

    Obviously, there’s nothing physically different between American-born Asian men and foreign-born Asian men, yet why is the former so much more likely (3x as likely) to outmarry than the latter?

    I believe this is when “soft influences” come in. Asian accents, Asian culture, and Asian upbringings are not looked upon as desirable by American women of all races. Once an Asian man demonstrates that he is American, he seems to have almost as high a chance as his female counterpart to outmarry.

    That’s my whole point. Perception plays a huge role in how Asian men are viewed as romantic partners in American society. It’s not just a matter of skin color.

    And while Asian-Americans are now at the top in terms of earned income, that is a relatively new development. A country like Korea was still a military dictatorship in the 1980s, and China is still listed a developing country. Attitudes take a long time to change, and just because the Beijing Olympics happened won’t suddenly change the image of the typical Chinese as an oppressed peasant or urban serf.

  • AsiansWearFur

    “Kim and Levitt suggest that there are cultural similarities regarding education and a history of discrimination”

    Please don’t corral Asian culture with Jewish culture, especially the so-called Zionist faction of Jewish culture. As true Asians, we’re not victims of the history of “White on White” crimes like the Pogroms or Holocaust, we are not waiting for the Messiah to come to atone our Sins and we most definitely do not receive billions of dollars of US taxpayers dollars to discriminate and oppress the Palestinians whose land the Jewish/Zionist factions have occupied with divisive Western hegemony’s political intrigues, and all those Palestinian women and children incessantly murdered with the military force we’ve helped to fund. If an Asian and Jew love each other and will support each other through marriage, that’s fine, but please stop the brainwashing about the questionable “plight of Jews” to that of the plight of Asians. No thank you. Asians and Jews have little in common other than being humanoids from the same planet and particularly well adapted to business bureaucracy, literature and science.

  • Pink

    Whatever the reasons that pro and anti interracial relationships find along the way, it simply boils down to THE LAW OF NATURAL SELECTION. It’s the time in the world when races are primed for mixing up to create FRESH NEW BREEDS OF HUMAN BEINGS. It’s about time that everyone accepts it if other people are happy with their relationships, so be it. For many reasons, most Asian-White couples I know stay married until old age than same race marriages. They all come from diverse social and financial backgrounds. I have seen lots and lots of them both in Hawaii and Australia while I work as a Medical Practitioner in elderly facilities and pediatric clinics. Their children have statistically THE BEST OF HEALTH and IQ in many levels. I call it EVOLUTION.

    It’s really futile to criticize, justify, rationalize or be insecure about them. Blah, blah, blah. If it’s working for the human race, then let’s ALL BE OPEN TO IT. It’s happening because AS NATURE HAS IT, IT’S TIME.

  • Dascos

    No you didn’t. You saw an average looking tall, blonde, white dude with his beautiful Asian wife. Stop fooling yourself. I bet most of your female cousins are married to white men

  • Dascos

    I tend to think the opposite is true. Most Asian men have no desire for white females

  • zdrav

    Right. You know my memory better than I do.

  • Ems

    Actually that is not quite true. Chinese v. Tibetans, South v North Koreans, Koreans v. Japanese, Chinese v Koreans, Pakistan v. India. You need to calm down about being vehemently against the similarities between contemporary Asian and Jewish American cultures.

  • AsiansWearFur

    White lies, angels of peace cry, Palestinians die. FYI. “China v. Tibet” is principally Western Hegemony’s Cold War and Judeo-Christian Fundamentalist propaganda construct. The facts speak for themselves: Tibet is still 85-90% ethnic Tibetan with their own unique culture and their form of Buddhism is predominant, the Chinese government had helped to encode Tibetan-script into computer IME, Tibetan avg-lifespan was a mere 35 years at the time of 14th Dalai Lama’s theocratic regime in the 1950’s, but now DOUBLED to almost 70 years, local ethnic Tibetan population was a declining 1.2 million in 1959, but is now a thriving 3+ million since the abolishing of Tibet’s serfdom, Tibet’s ecology and wildlife strictly protected by China’s central government and Tibetan infrastructure a model example of solar and wind energy. BUT, under White male chauvinist’s Judeo-Christian Fundamentalist rule, Native Americans suffers severe LOSS OF ETHNIC AND CULTURAL IDENTITY, suffer highest rates of language death, suffer highest birth-mortality rates in a “Western democracy”, suffer highest rates of alcoholism and drug abuse, highest incidences of suicides in the Western hemisphere, those White guys who claim 1/16 or 1/32 “native American blood” get American Indian Welfare checks to buy more booze rent more porn, native lands raped like their female ancestors for more coal, rare earths, uranium, etc. LOL MAO Western “democracy” and “free press/speech” propaganda to continue defiling Asian man for “face” of White man. Sad, but ugly Truth for you evil face-losers of arsehole democracy.

  • fangkuai

    I assure you nobody in East Asia gives two shits about Jews and their conflicts.

  • Rick

    I disagree. I tend to think Asian males feel inferior to white men. And white women feel inferior to Asian females because they are bumped off of their pedestals.

  • zdrav

    Asians, as a whole, are more likely to have inferiority complexes towards Whites rather than vice versa.

    An attractive White women will never feel inferior to a beautiful woman of another race because she knows that she is still the Eurocentric ideal.

    Some unattractive White women may feel envious of Asian women because of their perceived natural petiteness and such, but most White women do not feel jealous of Asian women. That’s why most White women are friendly towards Asian women who wish to be included in White social circles because at best, the Asian woman is probably only going to “poach” the lower-rung White guys.

    White woman is still at the top.

  • jeff


  • Bakku

    Continue living in your delusions. Asian women are not the ones coming online to complain about their so called negative image and romance woes.

  • TheSpeakerOfTruth

    Wrong, shithead. Mongrels have lower IQ than “pure” East Asians and are much less healthy. They also have lower incomes.

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