• Putting aside Traditional Chinese medicinal theories, it’s more or less true in conventional medicine that what the mother eats does go to the baby.

  • What I don’t understand is the purpose of avoiding water… no shampoo or shower for 30 days?! No wonder new Moms are supposed to stay inside during this time… they stink and no one wants to be publicly exposed to their funk!

  • There is a similar practice by some culture groups in Eastern Indonesia in the islands around West Timor which was ultimately banned by Suharto. Women just after childbirth stayed inside round houses with no windows WITH the child, inside a makeshift sauna. They can not leave anywhere between 40-100 days, and food is brought to them, while showering or defecation is handled by community members. They believe it helps strengthen them against evil spirits and germs by being inside the steamhouse for that time frame. The result is, women are depressed, isolated, and permanently scarred. Nowadays, it’s not practiced as much due to the ban, but they have windows where neighbors can come by and talk to them so they aren’t isolated as much, but the kids still need sun and outside exposure.

  • I just learned about this practice talking to a friend who did it. I don’t remember my mom doing this when my baby sib was born, but then again, she was an entire Pacific Ocean away from an oppressive mother-in-law. I’ll ask her about it mañana.

  • tonkotsu

    many chinese i know follow this tradition, but to varying levels. Not everyone follows this exactly the way it was back in the old times.

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