• zhangfei

    All stupid answers.

    It’s just an easy haircut and our straight hair will fall to the sides, giving it that bowl like look. If you want something else you have to comb and style it and stuff, and kids got no time for that.

    If you wanted to reflect your asianness then go for long hair, just like men and women in ancient China/Korea/Japan. Kind of a hassle, but looks awesome IMO.

  • Mr. Mifwic

    A fine cultural heritage we share with…the Dutch?

  • ToshiroMifune

    It looks ridiculous and fobby.

  • Vapaw Lor

    I’ve always noticed this “bowl haircut tradition” but never really thought about it. I too did have a bowl haircut as a kid. I see no problem with it.

  • http://twitter.com/SHildebrand88 Sarah Hildebrand

    If you want to gauge the depth of stupidity in this country, start with Yahoo! Answers.

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