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  1. LTE2
    May 23 - 1:58 pm

    “When you look at the map, what does it tell/teach you?”

    This study isn’t as meaningful as it appears to be and seems to be biased towards “correct” definitions of what hate speech is.

  2. EastAsianNationalist
    May 23 - 7:23 pm

    I’m actually surprised there’s so much more “chink” than there is “wetback” or “spic.

    Could the results be skewed by people using “chink” in non-offensive ways, like “chink in the armor”?

  3. Tina Tsai
    May 24 - 11:44 pm

    This explains why I learned the word “Chink” from a Chinese American on the East Coast…o_o

  4. LTE2
    May 25 - 7:21 am

    “Could the results be skewed”
    I had found a website where one of the authors of the study described the methodology used and it pretty much boiled down to their personal tastes as to what is offensive or not offensive.
    Such standards are used to produce a guaranteed result and I could see this when I saw the list. A more accurate title for the study would have been, How many times was the word “chink” tweeted? Attach the name of a university to the study and you have the sum total of all knowledge on the subject.
    I jumped into the Twitter fray during the 2012 election and over a period of a few months rarely had seen any traditional slur words used. The primary posting groups I viewed were #Romney, #Obama, #Republican, #Democrat.

    On the Obama side, there was a lot of racial coding used that appears to be ignored by the authors of the study allowing them to make the Romney supporters look bad (which I think was the real intent of the study).
    After the election I stopped bothering with Twitter as it is a somewhat barren source of amusement.

  5. Fracist
    Apr 05 - 12:10 am

    That’s why racists REALLY do have low IQs. I too have been called a chink much more than gook. I’ve only been called gook a few times but chink takes the cake. Every time a racist bastard calls me a chink “I tell them, hey I would be offended..but I’m not Chinese. If you’re going to be a racist punk get my race right, first”.

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