• Hamban

    I’m not much into watching MMA for either male or female fighters. I definitely respect Jenny Liou’s achievements though, don’t think I’ve ever heard of another PhD MMA fighter before!

    One question though, as I’d imagine the pictures above supposed to show off her fighting physique and form, is it wrong or objectifying of me to find that she looks really hot! Dang, those muscular arms are gorgeous.

  • Tina Tsai

    Finding someone attractive with respect to the person as an individual is not objectifying ^o^ especially when it’s admiring beautiful shapely arms earned from hard work and determination ^_^.

    As I’ve been getting to know MMA more and more, I’m surprised by just how many highly educated fighters there are. I believe the stat is 70% have a college degree or higher. InvictaFC Flyweight World Champ, Barb Honchak was like a biochemical something or other with a M.A.


  • It’s probably not surprising considering how many MMA fighters, both male and female, have high level wrestling as a base. College is really the only place you are going to that really high level wrestling, although some exceptional folks like GSP managed to pick it up.

  • Lawrence Yang

    angelito manguray is a dentist and and 3 years ago was an excellent MMA fighter https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=7QG2wnfvtdE#t=296

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