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Little Kids Doing Kung Fu

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One of my favorite things in the world is little kids doing kung fu. Aside from the complete attack of adorable, I think it has to do with the wistful regret of not having done martial arts myself as a kid because of family funds at the time and also gender issues (little girls don’t do kung fu). Whenever I want a little pick-me-up video, watching videos of little kids doing martial arts really makes my day. The one above is an oldie but goodie. Wushu Cutie is probably a teenager by now. Hopefully, a future MMA fighter?

Next we have the absolute emobdiment of cuteness, two twin girls in the most adorable tae kwon do match ever fought. They’ve got a good rhythm going on there.

Finally, we’ve got a stone-cold killer karate girl. The commitment she puts into her last kiai is priceless.

Anyone know of any other good ones?

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