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Although I was born-and-raised in Massachusetts, I’ve never lived in Boston – though many people often just assume so since it’s the largest city in the state, as well as the capitol. I’ve blogged about Lisa Wong, Massachusetts’ first ever Asian American mayor, but haven’t really heard of Boston City Council member Michelle Wu until recently.

Earlier this January, Wu made history in Boston:

Michelle-Wu-headshot“Boston’s City Council voted unanimously today to elect at-large councilor Michelle Wu its next president, making her the first Asian-American and third woman to hold the seat in the body’s 106-year history.

In her first address as president, Wu said the council will take action on income inequality, criminal justice system reform, improved educational opportunities, and preparing for climate change.”

The city council is essentially the legislative body of a city. Boston has never elected an Asian American mayor, though someone I’ve blogged about, former Boston city council member Sam Yoon made a good run for role. I’m hoping Wu considers running for mayor one day.

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Back in mid-December, I had blogged that the famous Taiwanese restaurant chain Din Tai Fung was opening their third restaurant in Seattle. Well now, Din Tai Fung is announcing their fourth in the area:

DIN TAI FUNG 09132011 Pasta makers at Din Tai Fung at Lincoln Square in Bellevue. These dumplings right out of the steamer. 114801

“International dumpling sensation Din Tai Fung is coming to Southcenter. Less than a month after announcing plans to open a third local branch of the enormously popular restaurant in downtown Seattle’s Pacific Place, franchise owner David Wasielewski says he “couldn’t be happier” to let fans know that a fourth is already in the works. The Southcenter D.T.F. is slated to open in January of 2017, with Pacific Place set for this coming summer. … The Southcenter edition will be the largest locally, at a whopping 9,400 square feet. In Pacific Place, the restaurant is taking over the 9,200-square-foot former Pnk Ultra Lounge space in a fourth-floor corner spot. The University Village Din Tai Fung is 8,800 square feet; Bellevue is 7,200. Wasielewski is also building a commissary kitchen in Sodo that will eventually serve all four locations.”

I am still waiting for the Din Tai Fung in Bay Area to open – in San Jose – currently scheduled for “Spring 2016.” My sources tell me the current schedule is for March 2016. I wonder if Din Tai Fung will announce yet another store in Seattle by then!

Image courtesy of The Seattle Times.