Ad Rates & Zones

Our goal is to make advertising on 8Asians easy, so we offer a range of pricing and advertising options, with text and banner ads available for as low as $10 a week, up to $500 for a lifetime placement.

Text Ads

Zone 3: Text Ad starting at $10/week

Banner Ads

Zone A: 728×90 Exclusive Banner Ad starting at $70/week

Zone 1: 300×250 Medium Banner Ad starting at $45/week

Zone 2: 468×60 Horizontal Banner Ad starting at $20/week


Advertorial written by you for $500 or by 8Asians for $1000

  • Initially appears as a blog post on the homepage
  • Moves to the paginated archives in about a week, stays on forever, and is SEO-friendly
  • As with all posts on 8Asians, promoted on a variety of social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook
  • Submit your Advertorial today!


Do banner ads use a direct link?
No, banner ads use a redirect link so that clicks will be automatically tracked for you. Advertorials, however, always feature direct links.

Can I track how my ad is performing?
Yes. You’ll receive a link to your statistics via email when your ad is first paid for, and then again each week that it’s running. These click-through statistics are available to you so you can track how your ad is performing.

Can I change the image in my existing banner ad?
Unfortunately no. Banner images are locked for the duration of time you originally purchased. You’re welcome to submit a new ad with a new banner image when your existing ad expires.

My text or banner ad isn’t getting as many clicks as I want. Can I get a refund?
Our advertising is sold by duration of time — not number of clicks. Since we are not responsible for the design or writing of text or banner ads, we cannot be held responsible for how your ad performs, nor do we guarantee a certain number of clicks. Please be sure that your ad appears the way you want, we cannot make changes after payment is received.

Purchase Advertising

Advertisers can purchase advertising directly from via our Advertisement Purchasing page.


Contact us if you have any questions.