The 8Asians Talks About How Girls Creator Lena Dunham Is Confused About Islam

Our internal e-mail lists have us discussing all kinds of stuff: Asian American identity, representation in the media, the experiences of activism in an academia setting and its progression as we transition to the working, adult world. And sometimes, we talk about how Lena Dunham, star and creator of HBO’s Girls, recently posted an Instagram photo of herself draped in a black scarf (or blanket) like a hijab with the following caption:

“I had a real goth/fundamentalist attitude when I woke up from my nap.”

Whoa, seriously? Does this girl not understand what religious fundamentalism means and what Islam is? Or is this really no big deal? The photo has since been deleted but here’s what our writers thought:

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Red Dawn Trailer Has Arrived

The new trailer for the Red Dawn remake is here–and just in time for the weekend! Boy, am I excited. I thought I was going to have to spend the next couple of days feeling like a normal, boring American but thanks to this reminder, I’ll be wasting my hours pretending to be the enemy. Again. Okay, so maybe I sound a little bitter but we’ve covered this reboot several times on 8Asians, especially with the news that this time, the bad guys were going to be North Korean. Doesn’t this sounds just like that Homefront video game that was released last year? Yay.

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8Asians’ Joz Joins Angry Asian Man, Jeff Yang & Lisa Fung For UNITY 2012 Panel – Friday, August 3rd!

If you’re in Las Vegas today for the UNITY Convention, join 8Asian’s very own co-editor, Jocelyn “Joz” Wang, as she speaks on a panel with Phil Yu from Angry Asian Man and The Wrap’s Lisa Fung, moderated by Tao Jones columnist Jeff Yang for an in-depth discussion on Asian Americans taking over the blogging culture. Here’s the information:

Panel Title: From Tiger Mom to Jeremy Lin (AAJA)
Session 1143
Room: Breaker C
Date: Friday, August 3rd @ 2:15PM

Side note: my 8Asians New Years resolution was to never blog about Tiger Mom. Does this post count? Congrats to Joz for representing our blog! I’m nowhere near Vegas right now but I hope our readers there will check it out for me.

Asians Behaving Badly: Badminton Scandal At The 2012 London Olympics

The 2012 Summer Olympics in London may try to represent the best in sports competition but that doesn’t come without a few scandals here and there–which I am totally okay with because let’s be real. You can’t throw together almost every country around the world into a competitive atmosphere where the sole purpose is to earn that elusive gold medal without something bad happening. Example: the recent fencing controversy where South Korea’s Shin A Lam refused to leave the piste after an error with the timer cost her the bout (or whatever it’s called).

Today, it’s badminton that’s making headlines. The South Korean, Chinese and Indonesian female players were disqualified for intentionally playing badly in the doubles competition in an attempt for an easier draw.

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Battle Royale To Be Adapted Into TV Series For The CW?

Remember when The Hunger Games came out and everyone was comparing it to Battle Royale? Well, there’s a chance that today’s youth in America will be able to watch the iconic Japanese film on the small screen. Via LA Times: “In the last few weeks, the CW has had talks with the project’s Hollywood representatives about the possibility of turning the property into an English-language show…If a deal could be reached, the network would acquire rights to Koushun Takami’s underlying novel, then unpack and expand on it for an hourlong dramatic series.” Aaaand begin the countdown to the next whitewashing controversy.

North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un Is Married!

If you were hoping to rule North Korea next to Kim Jong-Un one day, you’ll have to shelve that plan. Via NY Times: “The North’s Central TV showed Mr. Kim attending a ceremony honoring the completion of an amusement park in the capital, Pyongyang, with the woman, and identified her as ‘Comrade Ri Sol-ju, wife of Marshal Kim Jong-un,’ South Korean officials said…The North Korean media have shown the woman, stylishly dressed and stately in manner, accompanying Mr. Kim to several state functions.” More importantly, how big is her engagement ring??? [H/T Jasmine]

First Trial For Soldiers Charged In Private Danny Chen Case To Start This Week

One of the soldiers charged in the death of Private Danny Chen last October will begin his military trial this week. Via Reuters: “The first soldier to stand trial in Chen’s death will be Sergeant Adam Michael Holcomb, a 30-year-old infantryman who joined the Army in August 2007. Holcomb is charged with negligent homicide, reckless endangerment, communicating a threat, assault, maltreatment of a subordinate, dereliction of duty and violating a lawful general regulation. He has pleaded not guilty. He faces up to 17 years and nine months of confinement and a dishonorable discharge from the Army if convicted of allegations including dragging Chen by the wrist over a gravel path.”

Gamer In Taiwan Dies After Playing Diablo 3 For 40 Hours Straight

Oh no, not again. Via G4tv: “The boy, Chuang, was resting on a table in an Internet Cafe when an attendant came to wake him up. According to reports, Chuang stood up, took a few steps around, and then collapsed, having to be taken to a hospital. It was shortly after he arrived there that he was pronounced dead. ” This is the second game-related death in Taiwan this year–and hopefully the last. Heed those warnings on your Wii, kids! Go play outside! Dying from cardiac arrest after marathon sessions of Diablo 3 is never worth it.

Americans In China On This American Life

This American Life headed back towards China this week but don’t worry, they’re not talking about the Foxconn factory and iPads–nor are they retracting their retraction. This past week’s episode, “Americans in China,” cover what life is like for ex-pats living in there right now, from the numerous requests to appear on TV and rediscovering your American identity abroad and life in the rural provinces. I was most fascinated with Kaiser Kuo’s story who first found success in the country as a rock star but was forced to accept his own outsider status as an American after the 199 US bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade. As Asian Americans, we’re treated as Asian in America but American in Asia. Will we ever find a happy balance?

PS. Check out music from Kaiser Kuo’s band, Tang Dynasty, on Xxxtine’s POP 88 podcast here!

Adam WarRock Debuts New Music Video, “This Song”

Nerdcore hip-hop artist Adam WarRock (Eugene Ahn) is back with a brand new (and very first) music video for “This Song.” The new piece marks his two year anniversary of pursuing music full-time, as well as his annual fundraiser to continue his tradition of producing free songs for fans, performing live across the country and reminding us that hey, going after that dream job is totally worth it!

Click here to donate! And like every true generous Asian, Eugene will be giving every donor free downloads, an exclusive mixtape album, a copy of the Adam WarRock comic, a sketch from artist Chris Haley and a hug.*

*I may or may not have made up this part.