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Asian American Commercial Watch: Panda Express’ “Breaking the Ice”

Asian American Commercial Watch: Panda Express' "Breaking the Ice"

I just saw this new Panda Express TV commercial, “Introducing Peking Pork – Breaking the Ice“: “New Peking Pork from Panda Express is peking your appetite with crispy pork chop bites, hand- cut peppers and white onion, wok-tossed in a sweet and sour glaze. It’s American Chinese comfort food that’s made to satisfy in any situation.” It surprisingly stars Wong Fu Productions’ Philip Wang. I think this is the first time I’ve seen Wang star in […] Continue »

Kristina Wong’s “How to Not Pick Up Asian Chicks”

Kristina Wong's "How to Not Pick Up Asian Chicks"

I think I first heard of Kristina Wong (“solo performer, writer, actor, educator, culture jammer, and filmmaker”) around her antics of trying to marry her dream husband, Taiwanese American NBA basketball player Jeremy Lin, and her viral TV interview on  which was freaking hilarious on why everyone wants to date Asian women. Last April 2016, I also had a chance to catch her live in her excellent, excellent solo performance of “The Wong Street Journal.” Wong has […] Continue »

8Books Review: “Heroine Worship” by Sarah Kuhn

8Books Review: "Heroine Worship" by Sarah Kuhn

Heroine Worship by Sarah Kuhn is the riveting sequel to Heroine Complex, starring not just one, but two badass Asian American superheroines. You may or may not recall that I loved Heroine Complex when it came out last summer. The first book in this series followed Evie Tanaka as she morphed from sidekick to full blown superhero with fire throwing powers. Throw in a budding romance thrown in and an at times testy relationship with her best friend, […] Continue »

‘Dr. Ken’ & ‘FOTB’ – Watershed Moments for Asian Americans Adolescents on TV

'Dr. Ken' & 'FOTB' - Watershed Moments for Asian Americans Adolescents on TV

With the end of the 2016 – 2017 traditional broadcast network television season ending, it’s been an amazing season for Asian Americans – with two Asian American family show sitcoms into their second and third seasons with Dr. Ken and Fresh Off The Boat respectively. Unfortunately, Dr. Ken won’t be around in the fall for a third season. However, I did want to highlight one aspect of the television season for both sitcoms that really stood […] Continue »

Asian American Commercial Watch: Kay Jewelers’ “With This Ring”

Asian American Commercial Watch: Kay Jewelers' “With This Ring”

I haven’t caught this on TV yet, but saw this Kay Jewelers’ commercial posted on Facebook recently – where Kay Jewelers shows men proposing to women asking them to marry them. What is notable of course is that in one particular case, we see a handsome Asian American man proposing to an attractive blond white woman. Usually, the pairing is often the opposite … I think the first time I noted this was in a McDonald’s […] Continue »

8Books Review: “The Wangs vs. The World” by Jade Chang

8Books Review: "The Wangs vs. The World" by Jade Chang

Jade Chang’s novel The Wangs vs. The World  follows one crazy Chinese American family as they try to piece their lives back together after the economic recession of 2008. Mr. Charles Wang  is a self-made man who immigrated from Taiwan and made a fortune with his beauty product empire. But a series of bad choices leaves him completely emptied out (house and cars included). His family, including his second wife and three (almost all) adult children […] Continue »

8Books Review: “Not Your Sidekick” by C.B. Lee

8Books Review: "Not Your Sidekick" by C.B. Lee

It has been a good summer for fun-loving, ass-kicking Asian American superheroines, and if you’re not already, get on board for C.B. Lee’s Not Your Sidekick. Its biggest flaw? Being the first in the series, leaving us on the edge waiting to find out what happens to Jessica Tran (I did not realize I was getting myself into a cliffhanger until I was off the cliff and there were no pages left). Jessica is the daughter of mid-class […] Continue »

“What Would You Do?” – White Woman Introduces Asian Fiance To Disapproving Parents

"What Would You Do?" - White Woman Introduces Asian Fiance To Disapproving Parents

Recently, ABC’s tv show, “What Would You Do?” did a segment to see what would strangers do or react if they happen to see a white woman introducing her Asian male fiance to disapproving parents: “While out to lunch, a white woman surprises her parents with news she’s newly engaged to her Asian fiancé, but they shockingly disapprove.” If you’re not familiar with the show, this is the premise: “The program features actors acting out scenes of […] Continue »

NYC Theater Review: “Green Card: A New Musical”

NYC Theater Review: "Green Card: A New Musical"

Green Card: A New Musical takes on immigrant artists and the American dream in a new musical from young director Dimo Kim. Playing at Theatre at St. Clement’s until August 26, it focuses on the story of Han, an actor and a South Korean immigrant living in Harlem with an expired visa who, as a result, can’t find work. And because he can’t find work, he can’t get an artists visa. Hijinks ensue. Han finds […] Continue »

NYC Theater Review: “Kentucky” by Leah Nanako Winkler

NYC Theater Review: "Kentucky" by Leah Nanako Winkler

Showing in New York until May 22, Kentucky by Leah Nanako Winkler is a tumultuous and energetic ride through the lives of a Kentucky family on the eve of a wedding. It’s a play about home–home and family, for better and for worse. And it’s both over the top theatrical while also sweetly engaging and relatable. Hiro’s younger sister Sophie is about to get married to a born-again Christian, six months after their first meeting. Hiro–returning back […] Continue »

Indiegogo: Before Tinder, there was the Taiwan Love Boat

Indiegogo: Before Tinder, there was the Taiwan Love Boat

There’s a new Indigogo fundraising for a documentary about the “Love Boat” – titled “Before Tinder, there was the Taiwan Love Boat”– asking for contributions of $20 to $5,000, with various levels of rewards for your level of contribution. And for a limited time (until the Indiegogo campaign reaches $14,000), those contributions will be matched by an anonymous donor As I had blogged about before, when I first started writing for 8Asians, I wondered until […] Continue »

NPR: Ansari And Yang Explore The First-Generation Experience In ‘Master Of None’

NPR: Ansari And Yang Explore The First-Generation Experience In 'Master Of None'

  I’m a big fan of NPR and Terry Gross and her Fresh Air program. Back in early November, I caught this 44:13 minute interview with Indian American comic Aziz Ansari and Taiwanese American co-creator and co-writer Alan Yang on their Asian American experience and their new recently released Netflix series, Master of None, which he co-created and co-writes with Alan Yang, as a show that has a nuanced approach to ethnicity and race. I […] Continue »