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Gawker: Facebook CEO “Publicly Obsessed with ‘Asian Girls'”

You sure didn’t read this in The Social Network: A Gawker post reveals that for Facebook’s predecessor, FaceMash, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg “listed ‘Asian girls’ amid other interests like programming, playing guitar, quoting Top Gun and ‘defeating nemeses.’ It’s unlikely … Continue reading

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Infographic: Are Asian Women Half as Likely to Commit Infidelity?

So says a recent infographic, which states that Asian woman are less likely to commit infidelity in comparison to women of a different ethnicity — 5.1% versus 18.3% of Black Women or 15.5% of, uhm, “American” women. As far as … Continue reading

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Mail-Order Husbands: Brilliant or Disturbing?

We’re all familiar with the mail-order bride. Now, the emergence of an imported mail-order husband business of sorts has emerged by way of Thailand. Thai women who grow up “always dreaming of marrying a foreigner” are bought as brides by … Continue reading

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OKCupid Says We’re Simple and…We Swing?

Sometimes, I love it when people take vast amounts of data and run trends on them. It’s amazing what sort of things come out of it. This is especially fascinating when a dating site does it such as OKCupid. In … Continue reading

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Blatant Anti-Asian Racism on Gay Websites Still Exists

A recent article by gay website Edge Boston talks about the anti-Asian sentiment that exists in the gay male community websites: “Queer men of color in particular … not only face exclusionary messages in predominately white queer communities online, but … Continue reading

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One out of Seven New Marriages Interracial or Inter-Ethnic

For those that have never really caught it before, yes, I am in an interracial relationship. So understanding quite well that I too am a part of this Pew statistic where one in seven new marriages are interracial or inter-ethnic, … Continue reading

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O, Sexy Me: Finding Sexual Liberation in Hollywood

By Ken I am a Sex in the City kind of guy. And not because I’m gay—it’s a known fact that the New York gals were mouthpieces by proxy for the gay male writers. I liked the character relationships, the … Continue reading

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Looking for Love on Asian Bride Websites

I always see advertisements about Asian brides when I Google anything related to Asians. Every once in a while, when I’m bored, I’ll check them out. Continue reading

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A Sydney Columnist’s Argument for “Sexual Racism”

Okay, I totally just baited you to read this blog entry; my bad. But in a recent opinion column in The Sydney Morning Herald, columnist Brendan Shanahan writes a piece criticizing the recent backlash against “Sexual Racism,” AKA “I’m just … Continue reading

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Newsflash: Some Asian Men Cheat on their Partners

Ever since the Internet has been available to Asian Americans, we’ve heard random shit about Asian American men: They’re effeminate. They’re child abusers. They’re wife beaters. They’re undesirable to women (or men, for that matter). They’re drunkards. They’re socially inept … Continue reading

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Hipster Dating Site okcupid Reveals Love is Not Colorblind

Okay, so the pessimists (or realists, depending on who you ask) know that the statement “love sees no color” is a fallacy. But leave it to okcupid — a Web 2.0 dating site that emphasizes quizzes like “The What type … Continue reading

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Jen Kwok’s “Date An Asian” Music Video featuring Soce

Just before we broke for the weekend, Moye shared this NSFW video with the other 8Asians writers. “Date An Asian” is a comedic R&B song written by musician/comedian Jen Kwok. In the style of “a mid-tempo Mariah Carey club joint”, … Continue reading

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