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We should have done this sooner, but I’ve changed the “Bored” option to “Disgusted.” It is the mood that has been most often requested, but wasn’t quite captured by any of the other options. (This post is basically being made to note that any posts prior to this date had “Bored” as the option.)

8Asians Founder Ernie Hsiung Named to Miami Herald’s “20 Under 40” List

8A-2014-11-Ernie-Hsiung-MiamiHeraldCongrats to 8Asians Founder, Ernie Hsiung for being recognized for his work in Miami to facilitate civic engagement through technology.

From Miami Herald:

Ernie Hsiung is on a mission to build Miami’s tech community by creating networking opportunities for software developers and programmers. Hsiung admits that when he first moved to the area from San Francisco, he experienced culture shock. Miami was a less mature tech community than he had come from, but he felt the city had potential.

To help raise the tech community profile, he started Code for Miami, “a civic hacking brigade” of volunteer developers, community leaders and concerned citizens that meets Monday nights at the LAB Miami in Wynwood. Code for Miami has been working with the governments of Miami-Dade County, the City of Miami and surrounding municipalities to help improve the way local governments and community organizations use the web.

Just this month, Hsiung learned that he landed a Code for America fellowship, a 10-month opportunity to work intensely with a municipality to see how technology can address its needs. Fellows work in one of seven municipalities; Miami-Dade County is on the list. Hsiung will learn later this month where he’ll be assigned. For the following 10 months, he will commute between San Francisco and his assigned city. Post-fellowship, he plans to return to Miami to continue helping South Florida build a better community through technology.

From Hsiung: “I want to bridge the gap between technology and being a better Miamian. The idea is to teach people about technology with the hope that they will use it to be more civically engaged citizens and build great things.”

Even though Ernie has moved on from 8Asians, I am glad he is taking his talents and putting them to good use elsewhere.


Merry Christmas to You, Happy 7th Birthday To Us!

8A-2013-12-25-MerryChristmasOn behalf of everyone here at, I’d like to wish you guys a very Merry Christmas, or whatever the heck you guys celebrate.

Oh, and another small footnote: was humbly launched around Christmas 2006 by its founder Ernie Hsiung, who has been busy publishing his works on Medium as of late. Thanks to Ernie for creating 8Asians and for letting us all be part of the journey.

I would also like to publicly thank all the contributors who have helped out with, past and present – in particular for our stalwarts John, Jeff, and Tim, as well as our ninja editors Tina and Akrypti. I’d also like to thank Bel and Moye for their continued friendship and support of 8Asians throughout the years.

Finally, I would like to thank you, the reader, for making the site what it is today. Here’s to another year, whatever the heck it will bring.

PS – If this post sounds familiar, it’s because Ernie wrote it first in 2007.

photo credit: aussiegall via photopin cc

8Asians Commenting Policy Reminder and Update

Given the number of complaints which have been lodged recently, I think it’s time to remind everyone of our commenting policy, as well as to (temporarily) blacklist some of the most often complained about/flagged commenters from this site.

We love open discussion and are loath to moderate comments, so rather than do that, we’re asking to hear some new voices. We hope that if you’ve got something constructive to say but haven’t done so in the past, that you’ll take this chance to let us know how you feel.

Effective immediately, we have blacklisted (and retroactively deleted) the commenting accounts which have had the most comments flagged by other users in the system in the last 30 days. Included in the list of blacklisted commenters are those who I have received the most complaints about from other readers. As always, blacklisting will continue at our discretion as we monitor comment flagging and reader complaints.

An excerpt from our Comment Policy:

Reminder: Personal attacks against other commenters are not permitted. You may question or argue about content, but not attack individuals. Comments that devolve into ad hominem attacks, intentionally bait others, or are deliberately disruptive may be deleted, and failure to respect fellow participants could result in removal or blocked access.

We will consider unblacklisting commenters after a 60 day moratorium from commenting on this site. If anyone currently blacklisted is found to create new account(s) to continue commenting on this site or otherwise getting around this, they will not be eligible for reinstatement at the end of the 60 days.

If you are one of the people affected and would like to be reinstated, please send us a note after 11/20/13 and tell us why we should let you back.

If you have problems with this policy: Our website, our rules. Thanks!

Meet the 8Asians: Nithin

Get to know the writers who make 8Asians possible! Joz started the “Meet the 8Asians” series a while back when she introduced our then resident heartthrob Brian. Now meet some of our new writers on staff, such as Nithin, an old soul traveler at heart.


Nithin represents many firsts for 8Asians, and I will leave it up to you to figure out what those are. His writing style conveys a social consciousness and wisdom for the world that is well beyond his years. Be sure to read articles by Nithin published in Jakarta Expat. He writes with precision and acuity about environmental issues that impact Indonesia and boasts an impressive portfolio of writings on travel, food, culture, social and political issues that not only impact the Asian or Asian American community, but the physical landscape and environment of Asia as well.

A genuine peripatetic, Nithin has traveled extensively: 44 states in the U.S. and 44 countries around the world. He has been an activist with the Sierra Club and other grassroots organizations and a mentor on social media for advocacy and citizen journalism. Since finishing his masters in International Affairs from Columbia University, he’s traveled across Asia and Africa and focused on building his freelance writing career.

Nithin was first introduced to 8Asians by his friend, another one of our fellow writers, Johnny C, and was impressed by the quality of writing and the active, engaging community. He felt that with his unique perspective, he could add to the debate and bring up some interesting points about Asian-American culture, while also learning from all of us here and our own experiences.

Some personal predictions? We’ll probably see provocative and meditative articles from Nithin about culture or the idea of culture, especially on the experience of being raised apart from one’s cultural homeland and what “cultural homeland” even means in today’s globalized society.

Nithin is also a speaker for campus engagements, conferences, panels, and workshops. Be sure to visit his website,

Meet the 8Asians: Lianne

Get to know the writers who make 8Asians possible! Joz started the “Meet the 8Asians” series a while back when she introduced our then resident heartthrob Brian. Now meet some of our new writers on staff, such as Lianne, Asian America’s down-to-earth sweetheart.


I’ll be honest. I hunted her down. Didn’t I, Lianne? Okay. So 8A kind of has a crush on Lianne Lin. I mean, don’t you? Stunning, beautiful inside and out, funny, isn’t afraid to make fun of herself, and has whip-smart substantive points of view to offer on the Asian American experience, how do you not have a crush on her?

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Happy 6th Anniversary, 8Asians!


On December 24, 2006, 8Asians founder Ernie Hsiung made his first humble post about Yul Kwon on this site.

8Asians has grown and evolved greatly over the past six years and I hope you’ll join me in conveying thanks to Ernie for his vision, our many authors for their contributions, and Moye and Bel for their ongoing support toward the success of this site.

Special props to John, Mike, Christine, and Ernie, four of the original 8Asians who still contribute after all these years.

8Asians’ Joz Joins Angry Asian Man, Jeff Yang & Lisa Fung For UNITY 2012 Panel – Friday, August 3rd!

If you’re in Las Vegas today for the UNITY Convention, join 8Asian’s very own co-editor, Jocelyn “Joz” Wang, as she speaks on a panel with Phil Yu from Angry Asian Man and The Wrap’s Lisa Fung, moderated by Tao Jones columnist Jeff Yang for an in-depth discussion on Asian Americans taking over the blogging culture. Here’s the information:

Panel Title: From Tiger Mom to Jeremy Lin (AAJA)
Session 1143
Room: Breaker C
Date: Friday, August 3rd @ 2:15PM

Side note: my 8Asians New Years resolution was to never blog about Tiger Mom. Does this post count? Congrats to Joz for representing our blog! I’m nowhere near Vegas right now but I hope our readers there will check it out for me.

Koji’s Top 10 Favorite 8Asians Comments

I love it when sitcoms break the “fourth wall” and look back at their favorite moments. I also love year in review news stories and articles. I think it’s the looking back and reflecting that I like the most. This article is my chance to look back at my last three years as an 8Asians writer. But instead of looking back at my favorite articles, I’m going to look back at my favorite comments.

One of the best things about 8Asians is our comments section. As a writer, it allows me to interact with you (the reader). I admit, sometimes the feedback isn’t always kind and I’ve had my feelings hurt once or twice. But I’ve also learned a lot and have at times changed my opinion. It would be disingenuous if I didn’t also acknowledge that what I write about and how I write has been affected by the responses I’ve gotten. And yet some of the comments have made me sad. Not for myself. But for all of humanity. Because if people really believe some of the stuff they are writing then I am truly worried about the survival of our species past my lifetime.

Here are my top 10 comments from YOU the readers that have made me smile, laugh, shake my head, grimace, or just plain leave me angry.

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8Asians Daily: Join our Daily Newsletter

Hey, kids! Have you ever thought to yourself: “Man, 8Asians is a great blog, but sometimes I’m just too lazy to type in a web address in with my fingers?” Those social websites like Facebook and/or Twitter scare the sweet bejesus out of you? Have you ever longed for the good old days of 1996, where “the internet” was getting everything by e-mail?

Well, we can’t give you any of those good days back, but starting this week we can deliver posts to your e-mail inbox every day. Introducing 8Asians Daily, our daily newsletter! It’s the day’s stories from, delivered to your e-mail inbox every evening at 6:00pm PST when there has been posts from the previous day.

Join our daily newsletter today! Now you can be angry at commenters just by checking your e-mail every evening! Uhm, yay.

(Flickr photo credit: Joan Campderrós-i-Canas)

GASP! Call for Bloggers

Do you like shopping? Did you see the items you love during the 8Days of Giveaways and think that you would love to write about similar things? Then with 2012, you should consider joining the blog staff of GASP!, 8Asians’ very own shopping blog! No blog writing experience is required, and the time commitment is one post per week.

If you’d like to apply, email Susan at susan[at] with the following: A brief bio — who are you? What do you do? This doesn’t need to be a novel, but give us a brief idea of who you are. You’ll also need to include a sample post— pick an item that you’d like to see featured on GASP!, and write up a blog entry about it. This could be your first guest post. We look forward to hearing from you!

Call for Writers

Over the past few months, our GASP! family of writers has been growing. We’ve brought together the 8Days of Giveaways, brought you a new item every day, and hopefully introduced you to new shops and designers. Now, we’re looking to grow our family again–we’re looking for bloggers to join the staff. The time commitment is one post per week, and no writing experience is required. Interested? Here’s what we need from you:

  • A brief bio: Who are you? What do you like to do? We want to meet you.
  • A sample post: Pick an item that you’d like to see on GASP! and write a post about it. It could be used as your very first guest post on the site!

If you have questions, or want to apply, email Susan at [email protected]