Asian American Commercial Watch: Day in the Life with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845

If you own a high-end Android smartphone, it most likely has a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Recently, Qualcomm announced their latest and greatest, the Snapdragon 845, and highlights some of the benefits in their corporate video (okay, so not really a broadcasted television commercial):

“Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 845 processor is about to transform flagship mobile devices. New architectures will deliver immersive AR and artificial intelligence. VR meetings and 360-degree video over LTE will revolutionize collaboration, while voice interaction means personal assistance will always be on the ready. UHD premium capture will make colors pop like never before, not to mention beyond-all-day battery life will let you work, share, and explore as long as you want. See what other standout features are coming.”

The corporate video shows an Asian American woman utilizing her Snapdragon powered devices throughout the day, including video chatting with her husband in a VR meeting (which I don’t think is going to be mainstream in the near future …)


Asian American Commercial Watch: Google’s Android: Monotune

During this year’s Grammys, Google debuted a new Android commercial called “Monotune”:

“A piano has 88 keys. Each one is different. But what if they were all the same? To find out, we took apart a piano and reengineered it so that it only plays one note: Middle C. Be together. #NotTheSame”

Ji-Yong Kim is the pianist in the commercial:

AACW_Android_Monotune-Ji-Yong Kim“The commercial features Ji playing two pianos, one of which has been tuned entirely to middle C. It’s sort of a high-concept jab at Apple and tied to Android’s slogan of “Be together, not the same.” But honestly, about the only thing that matters is Ji’s high-speed rendition of the third movement of Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata.””

Ji has been playing piano since he was five, and professionally for 15 years.


DUDE WTF ASIA: Android on Crack

Wow. This guy in the Android suit is going absolutely ballistic while dancing away at Taiwan’s Sony Xperia Arc cellphone stand. I have to say that the closest we have to this in the US is the guy that dances around for Liberty Taxes in the Statue of Liberty suit. Never have I seen someone just go nuts in a suit. Sometimes you have to wonder whether those iPhone users are thinking, “Phew, thank goodness I don’t have that crazy critter in my pocket.”

(H/T to Efren)