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Princeton University Files Suit to Block Release of Admissions Files

Like a number of other Ivy League and other colleges, Princeton University has been sued by organizations charging that Princeton has been discriminating against Asians.  Even Princeton’s own professors have pointed out discrepancies in test scores between white and Asian … Continue reading

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One Easy Way to Win Praise and Adulation for Getting into Harvard and Stanford

With the revelation from an Ivy admissions insider about biases against Asian Americans and ever increasing application pools, it seems more and more difficult for an Asian American to get into “dream” schools like Princeton and UC Berkeley. Some Asian … Continue reading

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Are Asian Americans Cheaters?

When Cung Le lost to Michael Bisping, UFC commentator and former fighter Brian Stann tweeted, “it didn’t pay to cheat for once, good start to the day,”  assuming that Le’s ripped body shown at the UFC Fight Night Macau weigh-ins … Continue reading

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Affirmative Action Alternatives and their Effects on Asian Americans

With the tabling of SCA5, the Fisher vs University of Texas decision, and the lawsuit over admissions to New York’s selective high schools, non-race based alternatives to diversifying campuses are increasingly being discussed. Some of these discussions, like this one … Continue reading

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A Look at the Data: Do Elite Colleges Discriminate Against Asians?

While 8asians has covered Asian Americans and college admissions over the years, a recent article from the data services company Priceonomics takes a data driven approach to summarize the arguments in the debate whether elite colleges discriminate against Asian American … Continue reading

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California’s SCA5 looks to Bring Back Race Preferences in Public Education

When my brother in-law told me how his fellow Asian realtors were upset about a proposed law to limit Asian enrollment in California colleges, I was initially skeptical.  A law to put a cap on Asian students? But after looking … Continue reading

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Asian American High Schools in Top 25 List for SAT/ACT Scores

When Number One Son took an SAT prep course in Fremont last summer, I looked at the kids coming out of the class and saw nothing but Asian kids.  Curious, I asked him some questions: “Do any white kids go … Continue reading

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“Holistic” Admissions at UC Berkeley: An Insider View

Question:  What activity would have enough ethical dilemnas to scare off an ethics professor? Answer:  UC Berkeley’s “ holistic” Admissions process. Ruth Starkman, who at the time was an ethics professor at the University of San Francisco, has written this … Continue reading

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How White Views on “Meritocracy” Change After Learning About Asian American Student Success

Any discussion about caps on Asian American college enrollment needs to be accompanied by definition what criteria should be used for admissions.    University of Miami sociology professor Frank L. Samson found that white Californians that he surveyed strongly supported … Continue reading

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Former Ivy League Admissions Officer Says Asian Americans At A Disadvantage

You do find that some Asians can be disadvantaged in the process, and not only because admissions committees think about Asians in a specific way, but because recommenders do too. These are the words of a former Ivy League Admissions … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Couple Sues Admissions Consultant For $2 Million After Sons Rejected From Harvard

A Hong Kong couple is suing an “Education Consultant” for the $2 million that they paid to get their sons into Harvard. The suit alleges that Mark Zimny of IvyAdmit Consulting Associates asked Gerald and Lily Chow to entrust money … Continue reading

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The College Admissions Game, Part 9: Aftermath

After playing the college admissions game, did we win?  Was the investment in an admissions consultant worth it?  Did the predictions by the admissions officer come true?  Did get Number One son and The Daughter get into their dream school?  … Continue reading

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