At the 2018 ESPYs, Chloe Kim wins Best Female Athlete award

If you don’t know what the ESPYs are, it’s an annual sports awards show started and produced by ESPN (originally an abbreviation for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network).

This year, 2018 Gold Olympic snowboarding medalist Chloe Kim won the the Best Female Athlete award.   It’s just the latest achievement for Kim, which includes a hot selling cereal box and getting into Princeton.  If you don’t remember her performance in the Olympics, you can re-watch her final halfpipe run with back-to-back 1080s here.

What’s next for Kim?  It’s not clear if she will go to Princeton, although in clear Asian Dad style, her father would like her to go to college and study hard.



Drake sings “Let it Go” as Manny Pacquiao – Funny or Offensive?

8A-2014-07-DrakeAsMannyPacquiaoDrake did the above spoof of Manny Pacquiao singing Let it Go on the ESPY awards show. 

I personally thought it was funny and was not at all offended.  As this Buzzfeed article points out, some Filipinos agree with me while others thought it was racist. The comments on the above video also divide along these lines. 

What do you all think?  Is it a case of brown-face that insults all Filipinos or just satire?  It’s not the first time Drake has done a Filipino accent, and he has mentioned Filipinos in his lyrics.

(Fun fact: “Let It Go” was written by Filipino American Robert Lopez)