Dancing his way into her Heart: A Dance Video Proposal

UntitledWhile you may have already seen Joshua Dela Cruz’s surprise proposal to Amanda Phillips disguised as a dance video shoot, but I thought I’d share it for three reasons.  First, it’s a lot more original than a flash mob proposal–those are so 2011!   Second, it portrays an Asian-White romance where the genders are atypical.  Finally, it features a guy who looks like my nephew’s son.   They both wear the same kind of hat, and both are excellent dancers!

Dela Cruz and Phillips originally met while dancing.   Using the pretense of filming another dance seems like a clever and fitting way to propose. Joshua Dela Cruz  is currently appearing on Broadway in Aladdin and is an understudy for the title role.   Amanda Phillips is a working actress, singer, and dancer.

Elaborate Proposal Plan Gets Reversed

Vicky Wang, 31, refused two marriage proposals from her boyfriend Jonathan Law, but when she felt ready, decided to do the asking (reading lots of Joy Chen? /kidding).  She set up an elaborate scheme at his high school in Vancouver,  Canada, going over the details of their life together.  As you can see from the video, things don’t go exactly as she had planned.

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