Korean High Schooler Tae-hyok Nam is Dodger Blue

I like to think that I bleed Dodger Blue. I love baseball and I LOVE the Los Angeles Dodgers. While I may not be an expert, I know my around a game enough to surprise the boys who think girls do not know anything about baseball. I’m a very passionate fan and I’ve annoyed many a fans who have been unfortunate enough to sit in front of me at games. And I’m proud to say that I’ve even woken up a baby with my cheers while I was baby-sitting (it was unintentional).

Thanks to Ernie, I found out before my boss (who loves the Dodgers more than I do) that the Dodgers signed their first Korean high-schooler (Tae-hyok Nam) to a minor-league deal. Though Nam won’t be seen playing at the beauty that is the Dodger Stadium for a few years, it’s exciting that my team has been able to sign a promising player at a young age. I hope Nam matures into a great player so that he can do the Blue proud!

While we’re on the topic of MLB, let’s discuss something: Asians seem to dominate — read, do well — in baseball. Our office has been having discussions about this for as long as I’ve been working here. What is it in Asian men that help them shine in this sport? Theories from muscle memory to intelligence were thrown around; in any case, I’m glad to see Asian guys shining in professional sports in USA. Hey, whatever it takes to dispel the stereotype that Asians aren’t athletic.

(Flickr photo credit: Nitro101)