12 Year old New York Filipina Cites Cyberbulling in her Suicide Note

gabriellemolina12 Year old Filipina American Gabrielle Molina committed suicide last month,  citing cyberbullying in her suicide note.  She joins Audrie Potts and other teens and adolescents around the world for whom cyberbullying was a factor in their deaths.    One doesn’t hear about Filipino American suicides that often (one report claims that they have a lower suicide rate), but this one hit home because another young Filipino American, the brother of one of my sons’ classmates, also recently killed himself.  News of Gabrielle’s death made it across the Pacific with this report and video from the Philippine’s GMA News.  What can parents do to prevent these deaths?

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Bullying and Teen Suicide in South Korea

8A-2013-03-21-Time-SouthKoreaRattledBySuicideFrom Time: “A 15-year-old high schooler, only identified by his surname Choi, jumped out of his apartment home in the southeastern city of Gyeongsan last Monday after being bullied for roughly two years. His death — the second youth suicide in South Korea this month — has shocked the nation and called into question the government’s efforts to stop school violence.” South Korea is known for its high suicide rates especially among young people. It is about time the government intentionally pursues obvious causes like bullying, and hopefully initiates some real change not only in the educational sphere but in wider society concerning family relationships and dealing with judgment and pressure.