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Taiwan, The Forgotten China

This article in The Wall Street Journal about Taiwan as “The Forgotten China” is a very positive piece highlighting all the great things about Taiwan, otherwise known as the Republic of China. To most Americans, I am sure they’re not … Continue reading

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Hizashi no Naka no Rairu

[smartads] Because seriously… everyone just wants to bone an underage Asian girl, don’t we? And now we can, on the Nintendo DS! From the game description found online: “A simple sex simulation game featuring anime-styled art, using flash as its … Continue reading

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What IS the point, anyway?

Early response regarding this website has been… well, interesting. what does living as an Asian-American mean, anyhow? I’m not being rhetorical or sarcastic (okay so i am a little), but just wondering what’s the point of becoming collective in this … Continue reading

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TeleMongol: Get the “Friends of Min Jung” Discount

And in other A-Hole news: Hey, Bay Area Asian American peeps. Seriously, come to this. Be my fricking guest. Check out this show!

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Who the Heck Speaks Mandarin in Sillicon Valley?!

Seriously, why would you want your kids to learn Mandarin in Silicon Valley? It’s only spoken by 867 million people and is fast becoming an important tool for global business. And it’s not like Silicon Valley is a good place … Continue reading

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Grace Lee Emailed Me!

Pssst! This just in, from Grace Lee (I wrote about her several weeks ago, re: Flesh-Eating Zombies – oh, how I’ve longed to say all that in a sentence). I emailed her to ask when her film The Grace Lee … Continue reading

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Attention, People with Korean-y Blood

If you are partly or wholly Korean, you might want to check this out: (thanks to Green Fertility for the heads-up) Sam is 21 years old. He was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia over the winter break; a good match … Continue reading

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NPR: Asian-American Politicians Flourish in Santa Clara County

I listened to this piece on National Public Radio on “Asian-American Politicians Flourishing in Santa Clara. It’s great to hear about how Asian-Americans are taking leadership roles in politics in Santa Clara county – there are five Asian-American mayors in … Continue reading

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Shinkansen trains rollout in China

Ahh, if you’ve ever had the chance to travel to Japan, and take a Shinkansen train, you’ll know what it feels like to be Superman traveling like a speeding bullet. It’s amazing to see them burst through a station it’s … Continue reading

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