Why Asian Girls Go For White Guys

So, the age-old question: Why do Asian girls go for white guys?

A friend (who happens to be Caucasian guy and married to an Asian American girl) asked if there really are more interracial couples than intra-racial couples out there. “Asian guys complain about all this interracial dating, but is it really all that common? Or are they just noticing the few interracial couples out there and making a big thing out of it?”

Hmm. So I did an informal poll amongst my friends and found that 27% of them are in interracial relationships, within all of which the girls are Asian American. They all happen to be in the San Francisco Bay Area too.

(BTW, his is a highly unscientific poll and really doesn’t mean squat, except to show that 27% of my friends are in interracial relationships. Do a poll amongst your friends. See what you get.)

(Also check out Why Asian Girls Go For White Guys: A Response and Why Asian Guys Can’t Get White Girls for more juicy coverage.)

So why do you think Asian girls go for white guys?

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180 Responses to Why Asian Girls Go For White Guys

  1. Chook says:

    The Never Ending Topic.

  2. Ron says:

    The reason why it’s the “never ending topic” is because Asian American men and women refuse to come together to talk about the issue. We can’t even say that this topic is actually a debate because a debate involves insightful comments and views.

    Either talk about and fix the problem or issue or shut the hell up. This goes for both sides.

    Jesus, I used to think that racism was the sole cause of non-Asians but the more I see the “community” (I don’t believe Asians have a community. A community entails actual concern about Asian American issues) in action, the more I see that a lot of the problems we face is caused by us.

    Learn to accept a little responsibility for your actions.

  3. Kiet says:

    I see your point. But again it takes acknowledgment before there can be change. I think men are more than willing to talk/complain about it. It happened on my campus back in the day. The problem was that our cohorts were oblivious to the issue and didn’t seem to think that there was a even a problem. You see they couldn’t even admitt the disparity existed or that it could even be predicated on reasons that weren’t exacatly based on mutal love. Good point about the gender and ethnic conflicts that exist. I think it says a lot about AA identity and how non Asians view us. In the US you could be 4th generation Dutch but still be a white American. A fourth generation Laotian for example will still be thought of by many Asians and non Asians as more Asian than Asian American. Many choose to identifty themselves by race, others by ethnic heritage. Where do multiracial persons fit in? Mia Tuan wrote a book called:Forever Foreigners or Honorary Whites?: The Asian Ethnic Experience. Whether someone may like it or not they are defined in some aspects by their race and how they are the “other”. In life, race, gender, social status, and someone’s religion will all intersect at one point in their life and will serve as a means to how they will be defined by someone else.

  4. DeAngelo says:

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  5. Brian says:

    I think the reason why so many asian amerian girls date white guys is not because they’re better than asian guys or anything, but the fact that america is a white people country, and usually, the asian melts into the white world and then leads to dating white. This is also the same to asian guys… asian guys in america tends to date whites than asians… and this also goes to white girls in an asia country (like Japan). The white girls tends to date asian guys.

  6. Amy says:

    I am a white girl that has been dating an asian guy for the last year. We really liked each other, except I had’t met his parents….kinda odd you see because I am a very attractive, NICE girl, no tatoos, freaky hair, etc. I am the kind of girl EVERY guy wants to bring home to his parents if you know what I mean. This asian guy I’ve been dating, (I’m not dating him as of a few days ago) I found out, is actually racist of white people, to be honest, he doesn’t like any race except for his own.During our relationship he would make stereotypical comments about every race including mine. What I don’t understand is, if he didn’t like white people, why did he date me? Race doesn’t matter to me, I fell for the guy, asian, kinda dorky, but sexy as hell to me…..I have never preferred asians, honestly never even thought about it, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t an option obviously. I don’t think that asian guys are dorky, at least not all of them. He told me he was going to go to an ALL ASIAN new years party. hint* hint* “you’re white so you can’t go” I was his girlfriend, brought him around all of my friends and family, and he decides to go to an all asian party therefore intentionally excluding me from his night. As far as I’m concerned, if he wants to be with some flat-asses asian chick over me then that is fine, but I don’t want to hear all this POOR ASIAN MEN bullshit!!! Asian men have a preference for staying in their own race. Asian men have no reason to feel sorry for themselves in a white man’s world because they are the only ones stopping them from being a part of it. This is America, and if you don’t like diversity, then go somewhere else. What is the point of being in America if you want to only be around your own race? That is boring to me. I like to learn new things and meet new people. I would think it would eventually get boring talking about how my mom makes mashed potatoes compared to my white neighbor’s mom’s mashed potatoes. Why do asians only want to be amongst each other? No race is superior to another. I do believe that each race has its strengths and weaknesses, but there is by far no superior race. So, Asian men and women, quit surrounding yourselves with each other and explore what else it out there. What is this APEX crap all about anyway? (Asian Professional Exchange) White people accept you in America, there is no excuse for that racist group. I call it a racist group because imagine if there was something called “White Professionals Stick Together,” The news would be ALL over that wouldn’t they? What makes Asians any different since this is America?

  7. Troy says:

    Actually, for those of you who believe the asian/white thing is due to white guys being more assertive/funny in the courtship phase, I’d say you guys are wrong. There are plenty of black and hispanic guys who are smooth, funny, and romantic and try to date asian girls, but they get routinely shot down or ignored by those asian girls. Also, you ever check out personal ads? I did, when I was single. As a black guy who was once interested in asian girls, I found that 95% of asian females on any given personal ads site preferred only white males, or whites and asian males. More than a few preferred whites/asians/hispanics, but not black. Boy was I enlightened. Asian guys can complain all they want about striking out with asian girls, but we black guys are not even aloud on the playing field.

    In my opinion, asian women are attracted to white males only due to the authority and prestige they’ve enjoyed in this country since the beginning, which correlates into a subconscious mindset of white males being the “alpha male” in the American society. Asian males lose out because they tend to be betrayed as evil, conquered, stingy, boring, and effeminate. Black males lose out because they are portrayed as being rude, unintelligent, beligerent, lazy, and ugly. Hispanics lose out because they are protrayed as being foreign, womanizing, unintelligent, criminal, and lower-class.

    Now, I won’t go as far as to say this is all due to a predominance of a white-supremist mindset amongst asian females. I will say that it really does seem that asian women feel (and totally unqualified) that white males are beholden of characteristics that males of other groups do not, or cannot possess.

    I found the shot at the end of the video clip amusing; no way a white guy will lose an asian girl to black guy.

  8. joe says:

    ok i cant take it anymore. i am white and i hate hearing all this about white and asian. my mexican gf puts me in my place when im wrong and i need that. something my asian gf never did. if you guys keep limiting yourself to one race then you r doomed to never find true love. to all the real men out there, look for a great book, not a good cover.

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  10. me says:

    I am an asian women growing up in asian and came to the states when I am older.
    at first, I was attracted to white men, cuz they are tall and handsome and polite and confident. but I never felt really close to anyone, and never worked out. so after a couple of yrs, I met an asian guy ( he grew up in america), who is very successful and supernice. I thought that was it, this is my love for life. we were very happy together for …. about a few weeks…
    then we had a little problem, it wasn’t a big deal at all. BUT, somehow, we broke up !!!!
    it was heartbreaking, and it took me a long time to figure out how that happened… He is a NERD, although he is supersmart, intelligent, and very nice, loyal etc, etc, but he doesn’t know how to deal with women, how to resolve conflicts in a relationship. whenever I thought of him now, the only word I can think of is — idiot. I really have nothing else to say. I hate him just as much as I love him, still it is a very complicated feeling for him.

    this is what confused me, the asian men in asia are not nerdy, shy, or weak at all. they are confident, some are aggressive, articulate, and they will ask a girl out if he likes you, and he won’t take a no as an answer if he really likes you. so what happened when they grow up in the states? is it because they are intimidated by the white guys around them ? or is that because they are minority here, while in asia, that is their country? or is it because they still carry the value of their parents’ generation about the self-image, while in asia, over the half centry, things have changed so much, and asian people feel much more confident in front of the world ?

    once I thought to marry an nice asian-american man is my ideal choice, but now I doubt it.
    maybe one day I will end up marrying a white guy, just like many asian girls around me, it is not really my choice, i don’t have a choice now.

  11. me says:

    I think the ultimate solution would be interracial marriage, so at the end, there will be no racial difference, all kids are multiracial and no difference any more.

  12. jennifer says:

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    Dn’t gt md bc y wsn’t gd ngh t b hngng rnd hs frnds.

  13. uRB4N says:

    I really dislike it when someone says “they have no choice.” We live in a democratic country so unless someone is sticking a gun to your head, you always have a choice. That statement just reeks of weakness and lack of control of one’s life and it should be disdained, not tolerated.

    Also, a idea of a planet without race is unrealistic and childish. It’s an attempt at a seemingly simple answer to remove racial problems.

  14. future teller says:

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  15. cognitis says:

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  16. tran says:


  17. jcheuk says:

    I always thought I had a preference for Asian guys because of their cool style, seemed more goal oriented, and had the same culture/ respect for certain things as me (chinese american)- somebody who could understand my extended family (in Taiwan/HongKong) but I usually attracted American guys… Later on it was at one point where there was a Korean, Chinese, and American boy who liked me at the same time-they were all my friends. The Korean boy was too feminine for my taste, a little too much of a “mommy’s boy”, not very mature with understanding my feelings or dealing with girls and I just did not find him attractive. At first I was so excited bout the American boy, he was hilarious and confident- but I was afraid our conversations couldn’t last that long. And then the Chinese boy was so polite-so thoughtful-and quite deep, that I really favored him. Then suddenly my good friend- who happened to be half japanese-half american suddenly asked me out. I would have preferred the Chinese boy due to cultural similarities.according to my Taiwanese friend, I act american and think chinese, if that makes sense… I wouldn’t have been able to communicate with him on a very deep basis since he just came from china, and my chinese is only good enough to get me by. The japanese-american is more American with 100% understanding of Asian culture due to he has visited his dad in Japan several times and gone to Korean when he was young. IT’s a perfect match since we get the best of both worlds. I wanted to marry a person who was fluent in chinese, my boyfriend is actually learning chiense and we can communicate basic things, so it’s not bad either. However, i didn’t pick the boy i wanted to be in a relationship due to race- if the American guy asked me out earlier- despite doubts about how long we could have hold a conversation, I definitely would have given him a chance. Maybe the Korean boy too- but he liked me for three years, never asked me out, and is pretty awkward and isn’t as nice as he tries to come off as. While I have an “ideal” guy and race is often included it definitely isn’t a deciding factor. It’s whoever i have chemistry with+the guts to ask me out+share interests/hold conversation with+good morals+has their own passion in life+independent…if u have a great/matching sense of humour-the better (ahh that sounds cliche..). Anyways, the qualities just mentioned are not prevalent among just a certain race. Though due to experience with a handful of Korean-American guys (who are very traditional Korean) I tend to shy away from that area because they seem extra emotional and very drama-finding… (this is just my personal experience and doesn’t affect my views on other Korean guys, but thanks to them, i’ve learned to be wary!)

    Just to add, I have two Caucasian girlfriends who are crazy about Asians due to Asian dramas.~
    and I think when a people are arguing about white girls and asian guys, “asian guys” should be differentiated with “just from their own country”(more easily called fobs) vs. “Asian-American”, because I tend to find that f.o.b.s (not meant in a degrading way) tend to want to stick to their own kind, and looking for a quiet traditional chinese girl (at least from the comments of these guys from my college !). My friend (Caucasian female) was dating a Chinese guy (considered fresh off the boat) and was insulted many times for dating a Caucasian females, many times saying that he just wanted to improve his English or that he was betraying his kind! This kind of came as a shock to me…

  18. dangt says:

    DeAngelo hit it right on the spot! Media plays a HUGE part in this subject of why do asian girls go for white guys.

  19. dangt says:

    Amy, realistically speaking you’re bitter about this breakup. Truth is, your ex bf was a jackass. I’m an Asian male and I love girls of all color.

  20. nroekim says:

    Please excuss my blunt message. In this “abercrombie” world of feeble minded asian women, it is obvious that in the future there will be far fewer Asain women going for Asian guys. It is impossible to make Asain women understand their ignorance; for it requires knowledge to perceive it.

  21. justathought777 says:

    I am a Asian male and I think that it is a great thing that Asian women are going for white. This is how I see it, since Asian male will go and have kids with Asian female (not always but most likely) and there are statistically more Asian women in the world than Asian men. The odds for a asian male findng their true asian is highly possible. Now if Asian women have kids with white male, this will kinda dilute the caucasian ethnicity. Since nearly half of the world’s population is Asian, eventually I say about 10 generations, most people on earth will have an Asian history or ethnicity. I guess this will bring us together since we share a common bond. Too bad I won’t live that long to see the days where all people on earth have tight eyes. Haha…

  22. bk187 says:

    @joe Lmao your hella dumb the only way you can find true love is to stay in your own race just think about how can you not find love form your own. the trouble only came after people like you tryed to divided us. and keep tryin to date others just you cant stand your own you want us to be like you

  23. bk187 says:

    @joe Lmao your hella dumb the only way you can find true love is to stay in your own race just think about how can you not find love form your own. the trouble only came after people like you tryed to divided us. and keep tryin to date others just you cant stand your own you want us to be like you

  24. bk187 says:

    @joe Lmao your hella dumb the only way you can find true love is to stay in your own race just think about how can you not find love form your own. the trouble only came after people like you tryed to divided us. and keep tryin to date others just you cant stand your own you want us to be like you

  25. bk187 says:

    @joe Lmao your hella dumb the only way you can find true love is to stay in your own race just think about how can you not find love form your own. the trouble only came after people like you tryed to divided us. and keep tryin to date others just you cant stand your own you want us to be like you

  26. bk187 says:

    @joe Lmao your hella dumb the only way you can find true love is to stay in your own race just think about how can you not find love form your own. the trouble only came after people like you tryed to divided us. and keep tryin to date others just you cant stand your own you want us to be like you

  27. bk187 says:

    @tran well put lol it’s pretty much self hate

  28. bk187 says:

    @Ron i agree you with bro. but what we need to do is find a way come together and unite. not trying to make any one mad but the truth is Asian men are mentally stronger the Asian women. instead of focusing on the brainwashed self hating Asian who try so hard to be white wash so they can try to get a white man for status. we should focus on the Asian women who are still true and think about how to keep them happy think about it their more worth it any. we need to find a way to build up our own community. thus bring up our status that will remind all the self hating Asian that being Asian is a great thing and they will want us Asian men again. then only thing left to think about is if they are even worth it. they took our kindness for weakness even tho we tryed to show them respect they rather let their self used

  29. caughta says:

    Why are Korean women thought to be big sluts? I know a Korean girl who lost her virginity to a guy with a girlfriend the first night she met him. She later slept with another guy who was engaged in her class. I know several other Korean girls that are the same.. They so sweet and innocent. I’m shocked

  30. PAM says:

    I’m just glad that Asian women who are dating non-asian guys are getting STD’s at a higher rate than women of other races. 🙂 I hope your tainted asian cooches rot off! ha.ha.ha. LOL!!!

  31. bk187 says:

    @PAM LMAO i agree thats good one. just hope that they dont try to give that shit to us asian guys after they are done being used up

  32. bk187 says:

    @PAM LMAO i agree thats good one. just hope that they dont try to give that shit to us asian guys after they are done being used up

  33. bk187 says:

    @PAM LMAO i agree thats good one. just hope that they dont try to give that shit to us asian guys after they are done being used up

  34. bk187 says:

    @PAM LMAO i agree thats good one. just hope that they dont try to give that shit to us asian guys after they are done being used up

  35. bk187 says:

    @PAM LMAO i agree thats good one. just hope that they dont try to give that shit to us asian guys after they are done being used up

  36. bk187 says:

    @PAM LMAO i agree thats good one. just hope that they dont try to give that shit to us asian guys after they are done being used up

  37. disagree says:

    @tran Actually I am a chinese girl I am now study in America
    I hang out with American boys just because I want to know more about America and sometimes American boys are nicer than American girls to me and I am not date with them.
    I don’t think America nowadays is as strong as before We lent money to American and we are more stronger than before So I REALLY DON’T THINK THAT DATE WITH AMERICAN CAN IMPROVE OUR SOCIAL STATUS.
    Actually I will find a Chinese guy who is more intelligent and we have same background and more responsible for me and family.!!!

  38. truth says:

    @disagree Wow! it shows how ignorant and brain washed you’re Commi a$$ is.Why do even come here, if your country is better?? ‘We lent money to the American and we stronger then before” LMAO!! Really!!
    It’s a proven fact Most Asian women try to be white by dying their hair getting fake boobs,surgery on their eyes,calling themselves american names and end up dating a white guy.To improve their social status!! @tran

  39. darkmoon says:

    @truth @disagree @tran
    Just going to point out that eyelid surgery has been around since the Egyptians. Has nothing to do with “being American”. Known plenty of Asians that have had it done. Dying hair is also more or less a trend that started in Asian countries to be more westernized.

    Social status improvement? Dating Caucasians and dating Asians has no bearing in social status. Social status is elevated due to wealth. Take some sociology classes.

    I’m not saying that you’re wrong in thinking that they are doing those things, but your evidence doesn’t support your hypothesis.

  40. Alex75 says:

    It’s stupid to make generalizations about people just because they date outside their ethnicity. Different people have different motives. I am a white guy who has date black, white, and Asian girls. The Asian girls I dated didn’t date me for status, they dated me because we got along and connected. We should learn to see people, not race, ethnicity, social status. Just people. It makes me sad when White women say they don’t date asian guys. It makes me sad when people refuse to date outside of their ethnicity based on stereotypes and generalizations.

    I must admit, however, that Asian men did get the short end of the stick. The media in the United States as emasculated and negatively stereotyped Asian men, but don’t worry. If a woman is worth giving any care and affection to, Asian guys, she won’t give a shit about the stereotypes and she will see you for the awesome guy you really are.

  41. Alex75 says:

    This is a really stupid thing of you to say….

    It’s racist and discriminatory to wish harm upon someone for dating outside their ethnicity.

  42. suesue says:

    i happen to be a chinese girl ,lol .
    there is actually no reason for that some(not all of them) asian girls like white guys , its just like some white guys like asian girls . not all of them .
    it just goes that way .
    no need to make a big deal out of it.
    my bf is white. he is a douche tho.
    i tend to like white ppl cuz generally they have better body shapes. six packs or something lol.
    and long pretty eyelashes, also pretty eye colors. thats just somehow my standards for pretty ppl.
    but doesnt mean that Asian guys dont have nice bodies or something .
    and i still like asian guys . just if i have choices . i prefer white guys.
    simple like that

  43. Akulatraxas says:

    why bother over media, white or yellow, big penis or small penis, social status or not…even if u are as yellow as freakin shit looks like, or have penis the size of fucking peanut, face like william hung look a like, but if you move like Far East Movement, sway like a Jack Nicholson, ride fucking Bugatti, and have a fucking billion dollar mansion and a fuckin nuclear warhead and army of people ready to blow the other country down like Kim Jong Il, you my asian friends brothers and brethren wont fear shit of your same ethnic girls dating whites. No asian guys have to fucking scared of white guys ,nor do they have to feel insecure compared to white penises, LOOK AT BRUCE LEE! does he scare of how long fucking Chuck Norris penis is? nor does he scare at how fuckin tall Kareem Abdul Jabar is? NO! He make them bow to him as his students and disciples and of course, to prove his superiority as asian man, he banged Linda Lee to produce Brandon and Shannon! So, if you ever so fucking insecured about yourself being asian, one word…REMEMBER BRUCE LEE!!

  44. Peter4life says:

    Most of the ASIAN girls you speak of are pretty ugly to typical looking Asian girls with poor values. MOST of the truly beautiful Asian girls date their own kind. They may date white guys based on what they believe white guys are like (due to tv, movies and abercrombie commercials) but once they figure out that most of them just have Asian fetishes, they leave them pretty quickly.

  45. Peter4life says:

    @suesue do you see how stupid this Asian girl sounds? See, most of the Asian girls that date white guys are half-wits. Most of the successful ones just don’t date white guys. They know better. Most Asian men don’t date stupid Asian girls even if they happen to be good looking because they don’t want stupid children. They think long term instead of with their pricks like white guys do.

  46. Peter4life says:

    @PAM lol

  47. Peter4life says:

    @Alex75 Listen up buddy. The truth is, MOST Asian men from respectable families don’t care to ever marry a white girl. We marry our own race. Especially Koreans. Second, most Asian girls, especially Korean girls, from respectable families rarely ever consider marrying anything but Korean. It’s like this in white families too. You would NEVER see a Kennedy, Bush, Mortimer, Carnegies, Fords, Waltons ever marry outside of their race. If they did, the other family better be something special (royalty, money etc) otherwise they will be shunned. That’s how it’s always been and that’s how it’ll be for a LONG TIME. The interracial dating, marriage, I don’t care about the family and race etc thing Most of that is from low class people. FACT. Doesn’t matter which way you look at it or how you want to approach it. you might say it’s prejudice, racist, etc. doesn’t matter. That’s just how it is.

  48. darkmoon says:

    @Peter4life lol. That’s a tremendous generalization if I’ve ever seen one. You date whomever you’re attracted to, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I’ve known several friends that happened to also model that dated white, some dated black, others dated Asian.

    It’s ridiculous to make the generalization that Asians that don’t date Asians are usually ugly or have poor values. If that’s the case, I could make the generalization that you’re not educated in sociology. But I can’t. Mainly because I don’t know you, don’t know your background, nor do I know what you like or dislike and what’s influenced you.

    Does yellow fever exist? Sure, to a degree. But I’ve known plenty of gorgeous women that date both inside and outside their racial boundaries.

  49. darkmoon says:

    @Peter4life @Alex75 While I can’t speak for Koreans, I can say that you’re comparing Caucasian well-to-do families without consideration of a lot of things. So basically your argument is that outside of social standing, it’s not okay to marry outside of race in a well-to-do family. Unfortunately, that’s incorrect. Historically speaking, every marriage was a social maneuver for better standing. That’s how it works (just do a little research on European royalty).

    An example of your generalization is like comparing a Toyota to a Ford. They’re both manufacturers of vehicles, and they both make money, but there’s a lot of differences in process. If you simplify everything like that, then I could just say that all Asians are good at math. Of which many are (or else the stereotype wouldn’t exist).

  50. asiangirl says:

    when it comes to love, no one can tell exactly what made them in love, we will only feel that we complete each other

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