New Zealand Murder Suspect Caught in Georgia

I caught this interesting piece of news on the web. Chinese-Kiwi fugitive Nai Yin Xue was caught in Georgia, as reported in this AP story, “New Zealand Murder Suspect Caught in Georgia“:

AMW “A Chinese-language magazine publisher accused of killing his wife in New Zealand and abandoning his daughter at an Australian train station was captured Thursday in an Atlanta suburb, authorities said. Nai Yin Xue was caught after residents of a Chamblee, Ga., apartment recognized him from pictures published in the media and called police, U.S. Marshals Service Chief Inspector Thomas Hession said. Hession said that when the residents, who were of Chinese descent, confronted Xue about his identity, he tried to leave the building but they detained him until police arrived. “They did a great job,” he said. “The Chinese community throughout this investigation stepped up.” Police in Chamblee told the New Zealand Press Association that six men who recognized Xue jumped on him and bound his ankles with his belt and pants. When officers arrived, the men were sitting on Xue, who also had his hands tied behind his back. “We responded to a 911 call to a possible wanted person and found him being restrained by six of his fellow countrymen,” Assistant Police Chief Mark T. Bender said…New Zealand authorities issued kidnap and murder warrants for Xue. He was accused of killing his wife, Anan Liu, in September in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city. He then flew to Australia and abandoned his 3-year-old daughter at a Melbourne train station, a scene recorded by a security camera.”

From reading other articles, such as the thorough reporting in The New Zealand Herald, the U.S. television show “America’s Most Wanted” did their annual international fugitives show last year highlighting Nai Yin Xue. Apparently, the Chinese language press in the United States picked up this story and six Chinese-Americans recognized the fugitive, checked on America’s Most Wanted, and went after Nai Yin Xue. You can listen to an interview with America’s Most Wanted representative here to hear their take of the story. Let’s give a hand to the Chinese-Americans who helped catch this fugitive!

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