Shock-us Sulu!

Here’s the great George Takei (“That’s Tah-Kay… rhymes with OK“) on Conan O’Brien last night. The highlight @ 2:50…

Banana Oil!

I’ve been a dedicated diehard loyally psychopathic Howard Stern fan dating back to my 13th birthday. It wouldn’t be any stretch to say I was “raised” on The Howard Stern Show, and so my familiarity with George Takei and his openness and honesty about his sexuality have been almost exclusively through Stern.

The irony is that Howard Stern Show fans are predominantly a blue collar, working-class rowdy bunch (to put it mildly), that has been for years labeled “crass”, “crude” and “low brow”, not to mention racist, sexist and homophobic (probably more as a knee-jerk attack on Howard Stern than an indictment on his audience) yet his supposedly barbaric listeners have collectively embraced George Takei with open arms as his semi regular appearances receive nothing but positive feedback and genuine love.

Here we have a 70 year old gay Asian actor who kills on THE Howard Stern show every time he’s on mic and in the process winning over the most unlikely of fans. It just goes to show you; it don’t matter what you are… just be funny.

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