Priscilla Dang Teaches Groping Teens a Lesson

If you were a stupid teenage boy, what would you do on an afternoon bike ride? Why, grope a jogging girl who’s family owns a martial arts school of course! That’s exactly what a pair of 16 and 18 year old boys did to Priscilla Dang, who’s family owns their own Summit Wushu Academy up in Clackamas, Oregon.

While she was jogging, she was harassed and groped by one of the boys that was on a bike, and when she pinned him down and forced him to apologize (which he did), his friend started to yell profanities and derogatory names at her. Dang paid him back with punches in his face while dodging all of his punches. He then pulled out a knife and tried to attack Dang with it. She used the bike to block the knife attack, and a witness called 911.

As awesome as payback for sexually harassing behavior is, I definitely don’t condone the use of violence in response and the escalation to the knife may have been avoided if a different approach was used, but I definitely understand Dang’s reaction. I had a similar experience during the first couple weeks of college when some upperclassmen boys were getting a bit too friendly with us first year girls. Typical. One guy thought it would be fun to jump up behind me and a friend and throw his arms around us to playfully startle us. Without even thinking, I slammed my elbow into his stomach, involuntarily reacting to what my body simply perceived as a physical attack, and this was before I even took any martial arts or self defense classes. The guy got the wind knocked out of him and tried to play it off that he was fine, but I could tell that getting elbowed in the stomach wasn’t exactly pleasant for him. Needless to say, upperclassmen guys stopped trying to get friendly with me after that. Now that I’ve actually taken years of martial arts and self defense, I definitely wouldn’t say I’m some undefeatable street fighter, far from it, but if you’re dumb enough to think startling me from behind would be a fun idea, I’m just saying, you just can’t hold me responsible for my natural instinct reactions.

Moral of the story? Easy. Don’t be a stupid teenage boy.

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