Mortal Kombat Legacy’s Bad Japanese?

I just watched all of Mortal Kombat Legacy 1 and 2, and it was fun, action packed, and nostalgic in a violent sort of way. It took me back to when I used to sit on the sidelines watching people play the game and screaming out in disgust at the crazy violent brutalities, I mean fatalities. Aside form the excessive violence, I like stuff like this, fantasy adventure martial arts with Asian mythology themes.

Out of all the episodes, I was especially excited to see the ones about the ninjas (and lin kuei for you die hard fans), Sub Zero and Scorpion, my favorite MK characters. Only, as the episode progressed, I felt like there was something really wrong with some of the Japanese being spoken. I figured, probably not every actor was fluent in Japanese, which I can understand, but as it went on, I had to plug my ears and just read the subtitles because the varied accents in the Japanese made it impossible for me to just get into the story.

To be fair, I’m not fluent in Japanese. My Taiwanese grandparents spoke it to me when I was an infant, and I’ve watched a ton of Japanese anime. That’s about the extent of my Japanese. I know enough to catch the gist of a conversation, and I’ve been told by fluent Japanese speakers that my pronunciation and accent of the few words and phrases I can speak are spot on (probably judged on a very low standard). So, I’m open to someone more linguistically qualified to tell me that I’m wrong and that the Japanese in this episode is pristine.

And then I thought, wait a minute, why aren’t the lin kuei speaking Chinese then? O_O

After this episode, pretty much everything is in English, ninja or no ninja. I imagine, I wasn’t the only one distracted by the language.

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