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And this one I got from a soccer mom …‘And this is when my mom kicked me under the table when I mouthed off to my dad.’
Jack Yang and Lucy Liu show each other’s war wounds in Cashmere Mafia.

Last nights IM conversation with Will-W.

willw: omg cashmere mafia went there!!
willw: good for them
xxxtine: went where?
xxxtine: what’s going on?
willw: lucy liu!
willw: dating an asian guy!!
xxxtine: OMG!
willw: u’re missing out
xxxtine: I’ll find a torrent tomorrow!
willw: so fresh! love it
xxxtine: who is he?
willw: no idea
willw: omg the men on this show is hot
willw: are hot
willw: they’re so hot they make me have bad grammar

The tall drink of water is Jack Yang and according to IMDB … he lasts for 3 episodes. Still … ROWR!

Better than the handshake …

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