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Diabetes & Asian Americans, Part I: Asian Americans More Likely to Have Diabetes

“It was January 23rd, 2002. I had been dehydrated for two days now. I was weary and confused, but other than that, I was a healthy, active 23 year-old. But that morning, I woke up slowly, crawled to the bathroom, … Continue reading

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CCTV Passes off Top Gun Footage as a Military Drill

“Chinese bloggers are accusing state broadcaster CCTV of using re-purposed footage from the 1986 film Top Gun for a story on a recent air force drill,” where a target hit by the air-to-air missile fired by a J-10 fighter aircraft … Continue reading

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Bruno Mars Plea Deal Keeps Him out of Jail

Singer/songwriter Bruno Mars has made a plea deal that should keep him out of jail.  Mars, who wrote or co-wrote songs such as Rocketeer and Cee Lo’s “F— You” and performed on songs like Grenade and B.o.B’s “Nothin’ on You”, … Continue reading

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New Feature: Moodring Asks You How You Feel About A Post

So you want to give your feedback to a post on 8Asians, but let’s face it: writing a comment takes time, requiring to log a comments platform — sometimes, you just want to let it be known to the world … Continue reading

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Astronaut Ellison Onizuka and The Challenger Disaster, 25 Years Later

Most baby boomers can often recall the exact moment when they heard the news that President Kennedy was assassinated. For my generation, that moment was when the the space shuttle Challenger exploded. I was a freshman in high school in … Continue reading

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Ask an Asian: What should I bring and do at a Chinese New Year Dinner?

© Copyright Chris McMillan and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence. (Every so often, we here at 8Asians get e-mails asking for advice. Here is one from contributor Jeff (me) asking about what to do when invited to … Continue reading

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Givenchy’s Army of Asian Models Invade Paris Haute Couture

Asians are taking over the fashion world. I am totally serious. If Vogue editrix Anna Wintour features the industry’s top Asian models in a piece titled “Asia Major” that says Asian models are “redefining traditional concepts of beauty” then it … Continue reading

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Sexy Beijing Brings China’s #1 Internet Television

Sometimes it’s amazing the weird things you can run across on Youtube. I recently came across Sexy Beijing, an web series in China and while the video above is suitable for work,  some of the interviews may be questionable due … Continue reading

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Racist Threats Continue Against State Senator Leland Yee

After the tragic shootings in Tucson, Arizona, it came came to light, that locally in the San Francisco Bay Area, State Senator Leland Yee had been receiving racist and death threats in his office, and that Pima, AZ law enforcement … Continue reading

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APA Spotlight: Bill Watanabe, Executive Director of the Little Tokyo Service Center

Bill Watanabe, for the past 30 years, has been the Executive Director of the Little Tokyo Service Center (LTSC), a multipurpose social welfare agency in the Little Tokyo district in downtown Los Angeles. Continue reading

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A. Gabriel Esteban: First Filipino American President of an American University

While there have been other Asian Americans who have run colleges like Chang-lin Tien at U.C. Berkeley and Jim Yong Kim at Dartmouth, A. Gabriel Esteban has become the president of Seton Hall University and the first Filipino American head … Continue reading

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