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Stuff That Should Stay in Asia: Singing & Spinning Happy Birthday Flower Candles

Have you seen these fire hazards known as “The Amazing Happy Birthday Candle?” Easily found on the Internet and evidently legal and available in the United States (via Amazon and other websites), these candles have been popular in mainland China … Continue reading

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Japanese Snail Salon I used to play with garden snails all the time as a kid, collecting them, feeding them, and racing them. They are the cutest little things. But letting them crawl across my face as an anti-aging salon treatment? Um, … Continue reading

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China Internet Trend: Babies Wearing Watermelons As Clothes

I caught an The Cut/NY Mag piece (referencing Kotaku’s) about the latest trend to rock Weibo (that’s China’s “Twitter”): babies dressed up in watermelon clothes. It evidently started in Wenzhou city, when baby’s father reportedly worked all day to fashion … Continue reading

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Breed Out The Tibetans?: What Some Chinese Think

At a business brunch with a dozen Chinese investors, the topic of Tibet came up. It started when one of them said that the Tibetans are lazy, stupid, spend all their time on prayer, refuse to work, and only take … Continue reading

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Miss Korea 2013: One Dream, One Face

Photo: via Reddit When I first saw the candidates of Miss Korea 2013, I had no idea they were beauty pageant contestants and just remarked how even I, as an Asian female had trouble telling them apart. The beauty pageant … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Couple Sues Admissions Consultant For $2 Million After Sons Rejected From Harvard

A Hong Kong couple is suing an “Education Consultant” for the $2 million that they paid to get their sons into Harvard. The suit alleges that Mark Zimny of IvyAdmit Consulting Associates asked Gerald and Lily Chow to entrust money … Continue reading

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Singapore Insists On Making Bad Music Video To Make Up For Low Birth Rates

Singapore has had some “unique” music videos over the years, but this new one spotted on YouTube in light of Singapore’s national day on 9 August seeks to address some serious social issues: extremely low birth rates.

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Yes, This Is A Real Pet Shop & Grooming Salon In Manila

Take a walk behind the building of Metrowalk, located in Manila’s Pasig area, and you’ll see this sign, which, at a distance, might give you the wrong idea of what they’re all about. Unless of course, you really are into … Continue reading

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Suwon, Korea Gets Theme Park For Toilets

The city of Suwon, Korea has a museum dedicated to the one place where even the Kaiser must sit down: the toilet. Yes, you read that correctly: there is a museum and public park dedicated to toilets in Korea. At … Continue reading

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Bizarre KKK Painting Shows Chinese Restaurant’s Hubris In Jakarta

I know a lot of restaurant owners pride themselves on distinguishing their menu selection from other establishments, but this photo I saw of one Chinese chain in a Jakarta shopping mall seems to take this a step further. In this … Continue reading

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Do I Look Cooler When I Post Photos Of Me With White People?

There’s this gal from mainland China (hereinafter “Asian Girl”) who speaks English about as fluently as I speak Tillamook. She’s always been uber chinky, and don’t even open that mouth of yours into a big O like you have no idea what … Continue reading

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