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The Resiliency of Food and Culture

When slaves were kidnapped and forced into servitude in the United States before 1808, in an extreme case of involuntary assimilation, they were forced to give up their culture. Speaking in African languages was forbidden, everyone was converted into Christianity, … Continue reading

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Calling Aspiring Asian Filmmakers: AT&T Launches ‘Take Your Shot’

Hey! We know that guy! It looks like our old friend Edward Hong finds himself pitching a mindblowing film idea for the new AT&T initiative, Take Your Shot, created to inspire and give a lifetime opportunity for Asian youth to … Continue reading

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New York State Outlaws Shark Fin Sales – July 1, 2014

This past July 1st, the ban on shark fin soup took into effect in California. Now, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed into law the banning of the possession and sale of shark fin: “New York is the second … Continue reading

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Asian Waistlines and Heart Disease

While waist size is an indicator for potential hypertension (high blood pressure) and heart disease, the standards for Asians is stricter stricter than for non-Asians.    This is similar to the situation with Asians and Body Mass Index (BMI), where standards … Continue reading

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KTVU Producers Fired over Asiana Airlines Pilots’ Fake Names

Although details are still not exactly clear as to how exactly racist fake pilots’ names for Asiana Airlines made it on air on local noon broadcast for San Francisco Bay Area Fox affiliate KTVU, there have been consequences for a … Continue reading

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Asian American Medical Hazard: Valley Fever (Coccidioidomycosis)

When I read this article in my morning paper about how California was moving prisoners from Central Valley prisons because of “valley fever” problems, one line in particular got my attention: U.S. District Judge Thelton Henderson last week ordered the … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Bound: The Asian American Identity Dilemma

By Kevin Liu A few months ago I found myself sitting at the airport terminal for a flight back to Los Angeles with an uncomfortable thought: I’m never quite sure what to call home. I remember talking to a shop … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence and Korean American Churches

Christian churches are strange, complicated gatherings of people where the tension between acknowledging brokenness and appearing virtuous is constantly present. Growing up in a Korean American church I always felt this awkward back and forth. People interacted with each other … Continue reading

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The Daily Show & The Colbert Report Mock KTVU

The past two weeks, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report hosts and staff have been on vacation. Well, the shows were back on air this past Monday and wasted no time mocking KTVU’s ineptitude for inadvertently reporting the four … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: Parvesh Cheena Makes a Deal With the Pepto Bismol To Go Squirrel I’m not sure why Pepto Bismol decided to upload this holiday commercial to YouTube in the middle of summer, but I’m just grateful they did so that we can see Parvesh Cheena shaking the tiny hand(?) of a squirrel. … Continue reading

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“White Vengeance” Movie Review

“White Vengeance” was directed by Hong Kong director and screenwriter Daniel Lee. The story is set after the fall of the Qin Dynasty around 200 BC, and two sworn brothers fight together and then against each other for rule over … Continue reading

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Empire State of Mind Parodies – Beijing & Taiwan State of Mind

I recently saw these two video spoofs of JAY Z & Alicia Key’s “Empire State of Mind” with instead of New York City being a state of mind, Beijing and Taipei being a state of mind. I first saw the … Continue reading

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