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Jeff lives in Silicon Valley, and attempts to juggle marriage, fatherhood, computer systems research, running, and writing.

“$110 Million” CEO Kiwi Camara leaves his Company CS Disco

Filipino American Kiwi Camara made the news earlier this summer for being one of 10 US CEOs receiving a pay package valued at than $110 million in 2022. The latest news is that he has suddenly left his company CS … Continue reading

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Asian Americans Malls Thriving Despite General Shopping Mall Decline

There are have been a number of stories about the decline in US shopping malls, but Asian malls seem to be defying that trend.  After reading that story and thinking about the malls and shopping areas here in Silicon Valley where … Continue reading

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Steely Dan’s “Do it Again” performed on the Korean Gayageum

“Asian American” implies a fusion between Asian and American, and this performance by Luna Lee of the Steely Dan classic Do it Again, is definitely a cross-cultural fusion. She plays the song on the Korean gayageum.  I am reminded of … Continue reading

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Ashley Park’s Showstopping Duet with Meryl Streep in Only Murders in the Building

The Wife, my Brother-in-law (BIL), and I were watching Only Murders in the Building when we  were blown away the showstopper duet of Meryl Streep and Ashley Park. Having never seen Emily in Paris and having not known about her … Continue reading

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28% Asian American Admissions Disadvantage to Selective Colleges

While Harvard is being sued by for its legacy admissions policy, a new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) shows that Asian applicants to a set of highly selective colleges have a 28% disadvantage compared to white … Continue reading

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Tuning Asian American Diets for Heart Disease and Diabetes Prevention

The American Heart Association reported on a recent paper describing how Asian American diets can be tuned to prevent heart disease and diabetes.  An important point that the paper makes make is that understanding the diets of each Asian ethnic … Continue reading

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Bay Area Singer thuy getting Radio play and Streams with “girls like me don’t cry”

I had heard girls like me don’t cry a number of times on the radio, but when the DJ said that the singer went to Newark Memorial High School (where I went to high school), I was immediately intrigued. After … Continue reading

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Most Asian Americans say they don’t know Asian American History

I have run a number of Asian American history talks and events for an Employee Resource Group (ERG) in my company, and a common responses from my fellow employees is that they had no idea about much of the history … Continue reading

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Larry Itliong’s Son and Grandson talk about him on StoryCorps

While we often write about notable people, we rarely talk about their families, much less talk about them from the viewpoint of their families.  That is one reason that I found a particular StoryCorps story so interesting. We hear about … Continue reading

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WWII Soldier Remains identified 80 years later as Wing O. Hom

We have talked about Asian Americans who have died for their country during military service, and the identification of the remains of Wing O. Hom adds another to that list. Hom, from Boston, was killed in action in Italy during … Continue reading

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Lawsuit Targets One of Harvard’s Last Bastions of Affirmative Action – Legacies

After losing its affirmative action case in the US Supreme Court, Harvard is seeing one of its last bastions of affirmative action – legacy admissions – become the target of a lawsuit. Lawyers for Civil Rights filed the civil rights … Continue reading

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Kimchi: Good or Bad for You?

In the last few months, I have seen a number of  articles about kimchi and in particular, its health benefits.  As understanding of the human microbiome has grown, articles like this one talk about the probiotic and other benefits of … Continue reading

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