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Jeff lives in Silicon Valley, and attempts to juggle marriage, fatherhood, computer systems research, running, and writing.

Measuring Inclusive Casting: Hulu tops for AAPI with a 32.2% share of Cast

Media representation has long been an issue for Asian Americans, to the point where  8Asians has a series dedicated toward representation in commercials.  So exactly how are Asian Americans doing?  Nielson’s Gracenote division has announced that they have released a … Continue reading

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Opinions on Asian and Asian Men Representation in American Movies and TV

When Crazy Rich Asians came out, some people declared that there was a new narrative on the attractiveness of Asian and Asian American men.  But did Henry Golding and this movie make make a difference? Has it affected your life … Continue reading

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US Memorial Day: Remembering John Tomney, a Chinese American Soldier killed at Gettysburg

During an era when Asian Americans continue to be questioned for their loyalty and are still considered perpetual foreigners, it is worthwhile on US Memorial Day to note Asian Americans who fought and died for their country.  One such Asian … Continue reading

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Kanaye Nagasawa and the other Asian Americans who built California Wine Country

Asian Americans are generally not associated with California Wine Country, but they were key players in getting it established.  Chinese laborers built and worked in Sonoma’s oldest winery, Buena Vista Winery, as well as planting millions of grapevines between 1856 … Continue reading

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DÌDI (弟弟) Official Trailer Released

It seemed funny that we talked about Sean Wang and his movie DÌDI (弟弟) but we never included a trailer.  We can remedy that as the official trailer from Focus Features has just come out.  Like the main character in … Continue reading

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Nielsen Finds that Asian Americans are Key Audience for Ad Supported Video On-Demand

The ratings and audience measurement and analysis firm Nielsen has found that Asian Americans are a key audience for ad supported video on-demand services (AVOD), among other findings in their just released their report, Reaching Asian American Audiences: Understanding Asian … Continue reading

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AI Image Generators have problems with Asian Male White Female Relationships

As AI technology becomes more advanced, the technology can mimic human capabilities.  In addition, AI technology can mimic human biases, as a particular AI image generator has been reported by Mia Sato on The Verge to have problems generating images … Continue reading

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Leanne Wong: Student, Entrepreneur, and Possible Olympic Gymnast

1) Pre-med student 2) business owner 3) college gymnast trying to make it into the Olympics – Leanne Wong is all three! I first learned about her story from this ESPN article. She is an elite level gymnast, having achieved … Continue reading

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Is Ube becoming Ubiquitous?

A few years ago, I asked “Has Filipino Food Arrived?” and mentioned that ube is starting to appear in many places. In the shopping areas, grocery, and restaurants that I frequent, ube is already very well established. One could argue … Continue reading

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Filipina American Basketball Player Kayla Padilla makes it to the NCAA Elite 8

It seemed strange yet very cool to see an Asian American woman basketball player in a NCAA Division 1  game televised on national television.  It was not just any game – USC guard Kayla Padilla was playing in a NCAA … Continue reading

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The Brothers Sun cancelled (a.k.a. finish watching a show you like)

I was enthusiastically watching The Brothers Sun series when after getting through part of episode 5, I got distracted and didn’t finish it and the rest of the episodes.  Later I read that The Brothers Sun has been cancelled! It … Continue reading

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Năi Nai & Wài Pó make it to the Oscars Red Carpet and into Vogue and GQ!

My family and I really enjoyed watching Nai Nai & Wài Pó . Even though the Sean Wang’s short did not win an Oscar, The Daughter shared with me that the real life Nai Nai and Wài Pó were big … Continue reading

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