Nielsen Finds that Asian Americans are Key Audience for Ad Supported Video On-Demand

The ratings and audience measurement and analysis firm Nielsen has found that Asian Americans are a key audience for ad supported video on-demand services (AVOD), among other findings in their just released their report, Reaching Asian American Audiences: Understanding Asian Influence and Media Consumption, as they acknowledge Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.  In 2023, Asian Americans spent 31% of their viewing time on AVOD compared 27% of the total population.  On top of that, Asian Americans spent nearly 10% more time streaming content compared to the total population.

I have to say that I am part of the group. The Wife, Brother-in-law, and I just finished watching Shogun on ad supported Hulu, and we preferred to deal with some ads rather than paying the higher price. Shogun was good to enough for us to tolerate the ads, but others have called the trend of ad-support streaming something much more negative.

Nielsen has been working with Gold House to measure and understand the impact of Asian American representation in media.  Says Jeremy Tran, Executive Director and COO of Gold House:

“We’re proud to partner with Nielsen to help advance the measurement and understanding of critical narratives that impact Asian American audience trust in TV, Film, and News media. Through our continued collaboration, we aim to empower diverse voices and stories that resonate authentically with our communities.”

You can see more details on this and other insights at

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