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Koa Wood Box with Half Tray

A lot of times, it seems like “art” necessarily means “something pretty to look at, but absolutely useless”. This Koa Wood with Half Tray ($650), however, is both beautiful and functional. Handcrafted by Hawaii artisan Roy Tsumoto, it will make … Continue reading

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One Of Japan’s Last Traditional Sword Makers Etsy put together this awesome short video about Korehira Watanabe, one of only about thirty remaining swordsmiths in Japan. I know next to nothing about swords, but even so, his swords look incredible, as in I watched this video with … Continue reading

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Takeru Kobayashi Eats 7.5 Pounds Of Turkey In 10 Minutes

Turkey is synonymous with Thanksgiving as I think hot dogs are to Takeru Kobayashi. This past Wednesday, Kobayashi is trying to make a name for himself out of hot dog eating outside of the Major League Eating world (he refuses … Continue reading

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2012 Slide Calendar

With every new year comes a slew of resolutions–to keep a diet, exercise more, and eat right. The new year also brings the opportunity to choose a new calendar to keep you company–why not give this 2012 Slide Calendar ($13.50) … Continue reading

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Memorial To Be Placed at Oregon’s Chinese Massacre Cove

On May 25, 1887, a group of up to 34 Chinese miners were massacred by a group of white frontiersmen in Hells Canyon in a section of the Snake River now officially known as Chinese Massacre Cove. After robbing them … Continue reading

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Victor Kings Sneakers

What’s an all-star b-boy to do after graduating from UC Irvine in Economics, winning Season 3 of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew, dancing for such groups as LMFAO and releasing his own album? Why, create some swag sneakers of course. … Continue reading

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How ‘Chink,’ My New Movie, Came Together

Meet Eddy Tsai. He grew up the only Asian in his neighborhood and was bullied all his life. He has come to hate being Asian. He’s even changed his last name to “Richards” and lies that he was adopted by … Continue reading

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Desktop Flip Clock

Too many clocks try to do everything nowadays. From playing tunes, waking you out of bed and letting you know the temperature, it’s hard to find a clock that only tells you the time. This Desktop Flip Clock ($39.90) does … Continue reading

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Hollywood Keeps Cranking Out Martial Arts Movies

Apparently Hollywood and the world in general are falling in love with martial arts movies and producing them by the dozens. “As the world is shrinking, it’s also coming together in its appreciation of kicking, lunging and screaming.” Even Taylor Lautner and … Continue reading

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The Full AsiaD Interview: Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang

The last time I blogged about Nvidia’s CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, was when he was on The Charlie Rose Show. This latest interview was a few weeks ago during All Things D (Digital) Asia conference in Hong Kong. Being in the … Continue reading

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Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters

Ninjas are hard to capture, everyone knows that. A little known fact is that they also love cookies (and in their defense, who doesn’t?), especially if it’s in the shape of their opponents: other ninjas! This holiday season, you can … Continue reading

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