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Oh, Sanjaya. We here at 8 Asians are kind of torn over the 17-year old American Idol contestant. On one hand, he’s the last sole Asian-American contestant remaining in the singing competition, after contestants Paul Kim and AJ Talbado got … Continue reading

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POP 88 – March 27/07 – TS3

It’s all about music on this week’s show including brand spanking new 채연 (Chae Yeon), 박정아 (Park Jung Ah), plus a request for 비Rain and another cool Japanese hip hop/ dancehall/dub collabo with Pushim, Homemade Kazoku, Rhymster, Maboroshi and May … Continue reading

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Professor Kumar: Actor Penn to teach at Penn

Looks like Kal Penn, better known as “Kumar” in “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle,” will be a guest instructor at the University of Pennsylvania during the spring 2008 semester. He’ll be teaching two undergraduate courses, tentatively titled “Images … Continue reading

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The Asian Technology Speaker Roster

Make all the jokes about Chinese and Indians getting Computer Science and Engineering degrees you want, but as a regular attendee of technical conferences, the faces you see that are speaking back at you in panels and workshops are surprisingly… … Continue reading

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I’m in yourz Reality Show, Kicking Yourz A$$

Latest exciting news would be that Krishtine De Leon, hailing from the bay area is the official winner MTV’s reality show “I’m from Rolling Stone”. Her blog is here. The Hip-Hop journalist (Pinay and hailing from the bay) has won … Continue reading

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18 Mighty Mountain DVDs

For those of you who think Asian people are funny (And not just in that awkward, “ha ha” kind of way) should be excited to learn about the upcoming DVD release (and bay area release party!) for the 18 Mighty … Continue reading

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POP 88: March 19/07 Teaser Show #2

I’ve ripped up the script and will only be reading the news from now on – except, I have no news to read this week … anyhoo … I coerced a few of my friends into partaking in a verbal … Continue reading

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Minority Kids are Hot!

They are! And savvy entrepreneurs know it. Entrepreneur Magazine reported one of the hottest 2007 business trends as being in the minority kids market. Nearly half of the children under 5 in the U.S. are part of a minority group, … Continue reading

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Japan certifies “real” sushi

TOKYO (AFP) – Japan on Friday approved a campaign to certify “real” Japanese food overseas, worried that a global sushi craze will bastardise its national cuisine. The campaign comes despite international derision after a panel first made the recommendations last … Continue reading

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Avril Lavigne sings “Girlfriend” in Mandarin and Japanese

Canuck-born and raised Avril Lavigne, while not exactly donning 4 Harajuku girls, has gone to the trouble to re-record her current single “Girlfriend” (albeit only the chorus) into several different languages including, Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin. I gotta say, this … Continue reading

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Kal Penn: From Stoner to Gogol in The Namesake

Kumar’s never had it easy. First, it took him a whole night to get to a White Castle. Then people made fun of his name. Officer Palumbo: What kind of name is that anyhow? Kumar? What is that five o’s … Continue reading

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Chinese – the new Japanese?

The Associate Press just ran this article, “Schools Offer More Chinese Programs.” “As China’s economic power grows, Chinese is becoming the new language of the future.” This made me think about the late 80s and early 90s when Japan was … Continue reading

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