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Photoshop Fridge Magnets

In this era of overwhelmingly awesome technology, it’s no surprise that some people want to have a little bit of technology everywhere they go. Enter these Photoshop Fridge Magnets ($25 for a set of 11). On your fridge, they add … Continue reading

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The Office’s Mindy Kaling Has Comedy Pilot Picked Up By Fox

Mindy Kaling, author if Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? and best known as Kelly Kapoor on The Office, may soon have her very own show. Via The Hollywood Reporter: Fox “has officially picked up to pilot an untitled comedy … Continue reading

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Top Five Japanese American Women Civil Rights Pioneers You Should Know

In California, January 30 was officially Fred Korematsu Day. It is important to honor and remember Korematsu but I believe it is also a time to look back at some of the other Japanese Americans (JAs) who also fought for … Continue reading

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Another Side Effect of the Year of the Dragon: Increased Tourism in the U.S.

Tim wrote about the side effects of the Year of the Dragon and here is another one: increased tourism to the U.S. While Chinese traditionally go home for the Lunar New Year, a growing number are going abroad, with top … Continue reading

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8Questions With Kevin Bobo, Associate Professor of Music (Percussion) of Indiana University Bloomington

In the seeming cultural wasteland of the Midwest there are pockets around the University centers that have some surprisingly compelling and active communities. In Bloomington, IN, which is where we live right now, we’ve discovered a huge community of musicians … Continue reading

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The Bunni With The Pet Dragon

Now that it’s 2012, we still haven’t gotten used to writing the new year (and it will stay that way until at least March). If you haven’t quite gotten the hang of it being the Year of the Dragon either, … Continue reading

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Trend Reveals Asian Americans Leaving Chinatowns For The Suburbs

Nineteen years ago, my parents decided to move our entire family to the suburbs. As it turns out, we weren’t the only ones. A recent Washington Post article highlights the national trend of APAs moving away from urban Chinatowns and into … Continue reading

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Chef’n Garlic Zoom Chopper

As a kitchen warrior, we fear little in the culinary corner or the home and as a human being  we are no stranger to cute knick-knacks. Now we have the Garlic Zoom by Chef’n ($14.95), our new favorite kitchen toy that is the homogenous … Continue reading

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Apply for The CAPAL 2012 Internship and Scholarship

College undergrad and grad students: if you’re like me and find that this is the time of year where you’re constantly looking for a way to procrastinate or fretting about summer/future plans, think about applying for CAPAL’s (Conference on Asian … Continue reading

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The Amazing Race: Season 20 Features Misa & Maiya Tanaka

The new season of The Amazing Race started this past Sunday, and CBS has recently released a list of this season’s contests on the show’s website. The Amazing Race has done an amazing job of having Asian Americans competing as … Continue reading

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How Standardized Tests Stunt the Intellectual Growth of Asian American Students

Standardized testing was pretty much invented by the Chinese. As an American of Taiwanese and Chinese heritage, this means that standardized testing is part of my ethnic and ancestral heritage. The fact that Asian Americans tend to score better than … Continue reading

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Back to the Roots Mushroom Kit

Because backyard gardens are too much work and growing sprouts in a jar is so last year, most of us just don’t have a green thumb. But with repeated salmonella outbreaks and agribusiness increasingly in the public eye, knowing where … Continue reading

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