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New Yorkers: Dawen Performing at a Venue Near You 12/4-12/7

We’ve blogged about Dawen’s fantastic YouTube covers of songs before, and for those of you in New York, you’re in luck — Dawen’s in an Empire state of mind and will be in your neighborhood as part of the New … Continue reading

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San Francisco Board of Supervisors President David Chiu “Gentle Manner” Stands Out in City Hall

I’ve blogged many times about San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors President David Chiu: his initial run for Supervisor for District 3, the possibility of him being the first acting Asian-American mayor of San Francisco should current mayor Gavin Newsom step … Continue reading

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Japanese Men Perform Men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics

I have always found rhythmic gymnastics much more aesthetically pleasing and less “brute force” than the standard gymnastics with the balance beam & vault. Both are amazing sports, but given my preference for dance, rhythmic gymnastics seems to require musicality … Continue reading

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Relief Package: A Hip Hop Benefit in Northern California

Hip Hop culture happens to be one of the many avenues Filipino-Americans have taken to and identify with. It only seems natural to host an benefit that revolves around the Hip Hop culture for the people of the Philippines who … Continue reading

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U.S. Army Specialist Johnny Nguyen Gets Hero’s Welcome Home

I caught this on the news the other night and was happy to see U.S. Army Specialist Johnny Nguyen returning to his home in San Jose for the first time since being injured and being greeted by friends and family, … Continue reading

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My Asian American Thanksgiving

While we have written about Asian American perspectives on Thanksgiving, Korean American Thanksgivings, and Asian fusion Thanksgiving recipes, I thought I’d share my Thanksgiving.   As per my family’s tradition, we went to my sister-in-law’s house for Thanksgiving, a trip of … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: Citibank

Citibank has been advertising their 2.75% Certificate of Deposit, via this commercial featuring an older Asian American man playing and having fun with his dog along with cheerful music playing in the background. I guess Citibank thinks 2.75% CD is … Continue reading

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Evan Low to Become Country’s Youngest Asian, Gay Mayor

Having served spent some time in the South Bay, people would know that Campbell, California is a sleepy suburb of already sleepy metropolitan San Jose, California. Not much happens in Campbell — wasn’t someone from Sugar Ray from there? — … Continue reading

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Celebrity Chef Ming Tsai Take on Thanksgiving

Last week, Nightline did a profile on Chef Ming Tsai and his take on two Thanksgiving dishes, with an Asian influence. They looked yummy – “8 Treasure Sticky Rice Stuffing” and “Ming’s Turkey Noodle Soup.” Let me know if any … Continue reading

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Three Asian American Perspectives on Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving approaches and my extended family tries to figure out what to prepare, I have been thinking about how my Thanksgivings when I was growing up were a fusion of Asian and American.  Turkey and white rice.  Cranberries and … Continue reading

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RIP Model Daul Kim

I’m not too into the fashion model industry, but it still broke my heart over the news last week that South Korean Daul Kim passed away in Paris from an apparent suicide, especially with the knowledge that depression and suicide … Continue reading

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Disney Makes ‘High School Musical’ Their 3rd Chinese Production

Disney is remaking its hit film High School Musical as a Chinese movie. This film marks Disney’s third co-production in China after The Magic Gourd in 2007 and this year’s Trail of the Panda. The film will feature six newcomers … Continue reading

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