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The ABC and FOB Divide

When was the first time you became aware of a distinction between Asians born and raised in the States and Asians who are recent immigrants from Asia? Or, per the terminology I learned, when did you first realize you were either an ABC or … Continue reading

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Asians in American Pop Music History: Larry Ramos of The Association

It’s hard to imagine that an Asian American more than 40 years ago performed in  four Billboard top 10 hits, including two #1 songs and one #2, but Larry Ramos of the folk/soft rock group The Association, actually achieved that. … Continue reading

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Where are the Asian Tarot Readers?

People of color, especially Asians, form associations around their race for every topic– blogging, voting, golfing, farming, realtors, lawyers, doctors, chess players, musicians, journalists, kidney donors, Republicans, Democrats, pole dancing, basketball, you name it, there is probably a group of Asians who … Continue reading

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“Xinghun”, the Cooperative Marriage in China

Being gay and Asian means hiding a part of yourself from many in your life, and this is especially true in Asian countries compared with those of us who are fortunate enough to live in the United States or Canada. … Continue reading

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UC Irvine Asian American Lambda Theta Delta Fraternity’s Blackface Video

On April 16, 2013, fraternity Lambda Theta Delta (LTD), UC Irvine’s first and largest Asian American interest fraternity, posted a video which showed one of the members appearing in blackface (around the 0:55 mark). Julianne Hing of Colorlines says, “the … Continue reading

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Sriracha Production Heating Up

Johnny has talked about things that are uniquely Asian American, and one thing that comes to my mind in that category is Huy Fong Foods‘ Sriracha Chili sauce.  Sriracha was created by David Tran as a version of a hot … Continue reading

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Miss Korea 2013: One Dream, One Face

Photo: via Reddit When I first saw the candidates of Miss Korea 2013, I had no idea they were beauty pageant contestants and just remarked how even I, as an Asian female had trouble telling them apart. The beauty pageant … Continue reading

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Southeast Asian Rock: Your Imaginary Friends

Growing up in Manila in the late 90s and going to international school (long before MP3 file-sharing became the norm), I had an opportunity to hear a wide variety of music most people stateside had never heard of from around … Continue reading

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Din Tai Fung to Open in Glendale, California at the Americana at Brand

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know I *love* Din Tai Fung. I just came across the Los Angeles Times’ article on a new branch of Din Tai Fung that will be opening up soon: “Popular … Continue reading

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6,297 Chinese Restaurants with David Chan

David Chan hated Chinese food as a kid. He’s third generation Chinese American, and his parents refrained from sending him to Chinese school while cooking “American” food at home to help Chan fit in more into mainstream American culture in … Continue reading

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Asians in American Pop Music History: The Rocky Fellers

If you would guess the first Asian or Asian American music act to make the Billboard Hot 100, you might think of Jay Sean, Bruno Mars, or the Far East Movement, but the earliest I know about is The Rocky … Continue reading

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How Much Are You Worth, Chinese Bride-to-Be?

Today I realized that five years ago, my mother-in-law valued me at $10,000.00. Louisa Lim’s piece on NPR, For Chinese Women, Marriage Depends On Right Bride Price, sheds light on that seemingly arbitrary check I received before my wedding day. … Continue reading

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