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8Tracks Review: ‘Noise Floor’ by Spock’s Beard

Noise Floor by Spock’s Beard 2018, InsideOut Music It’s always good to see your face my friend I guess I’ll get the 8A angle out of the way first and say that Spock’s Beard is a four-person progressive rock band … Continue reading

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David Henry Hwang was in a punk band in college; his punk name was “Maggot Wong”

http://youtu.be/W1shHkKfiO0 It figures that playwright David Henry Hwang would be so multitalented. He was reminiscing to a friend about a college punk rock band he played in, and she found the single online. In his words, “The internet is amazing … Continue reading

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Southeast Asian Rock: Your Imaginary Friends

Growing up in Manila in the late 90s and going to international school (long before MP3 file-sharing became the norm), I had an opportunity to hear a wide variety of music most people stateside had never heard of from around … Continue reading

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L.A. ticket giveaway: Concert of Korean pop performers Shin Hae Chul and N.EX.T. on July 4

My 4th of July* is usually associated with fireworks, barbecues, carnivals, picnics, concerts, baseball games, and various other events celebrating the history, government, and traditions of the good ol’ US of A. If I hadn’t already made plans to be … Continue reading

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Fist of rock up with Maximum the Hormone

MAXIMUM THE HORMONE – Zetsubou Billyby sexy_yoda I must say, this band was totally off my radar until Death Note. After hearing them do the opening and closing songs for the second season, it basically deemed it worthy enough to … Continue reading

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