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One Easy Way to Win Praise and Adulation for Getting into Harvard and Stanford

With the revelation from an Ivy admissions insider about biases against Asian Americans and ever increasing application pools, it seems more and more difficult for an Asian American to get into “dream” schools like Princeton and UC Berkeley. Some Asian … Continue reading

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The College Admissions Game Addendum 1: Rankings, Ratings, and Registering

How much is getting into a top ranked college worth? One family from Hong Kong offered up to $400K to a popular Silicon Valley consultant to get their “C” average student into a top ranked school. This raises many questions, … Continue reading

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David Henry Hwang was in a punk band in college; his punk name was “Maggot Wong”

http://youtu.be/W1shHkKfiO0 It figures that playwright David Henry Hwang would be so multitalented. He was reminiscing to a friend about a college punk rock band he played in, and she found the single online. In his words, “The internet is amazing … Continue reading

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Stanford: Advanced Leadership Program for Emerging Asian American Executives

At 8Asians, we’ve blogged about Where Are the Asian CEOs? , how Americans Expect Business Leaders to Be White, as well as the “bamboo ceiling.” I recently read that now Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business (GSB)  has an Advanced … Continue reading

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