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Asian America: Confusion from Within, Abroad, and Why

The Economist article asking, “Do Asian Americans still exist?” is likely to rouse some sentiments. As usual, Asian America, with all its ethnicities, don’t just indicate a diversity of cultural groups under the large label of “Asian” but a striking … Continue reading

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Dancing for Free Sodas: Coca-Cola Vending Machine in South Korea Rewards Dancers Would you copy the dance moves of a Korean boy band for a free soda (or two, three, or more)? As part of a experiment conducted in South Korea, a Coca-Cola vending machine coaxed people to copy the dance … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: Sprint NBA “Pajamas” Commercial with Kevin Durant In this Sprint commercial, an Asian American dad turns into a clone of 6’9” basketball player Kevin Durant.  His wife isn’t at all displeased.  Watch to the end to see what the mom wants from her huge, newly transformed … Continue reading

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8Questions: Keni Styles, Asian American Male Adult Film Star

The first time I heard of Keni Styles, one of the first heterosexual Asian male porn stars in America, I felt pride. Because there was someone out there who was breaking the stereotype that Asian males are sexless, effeminate, weird, … Continue reading

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Happy 6th Anniversary, 8Asians!

On December 24, 2006, 8Asians founder Ernie Hsiung made his first humble post about Yul Kwon on this site. 8Asians has grown and evolved greatly over the past six years and I hope you’ll join me in conveying thanks to … Continue reading

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Asian Americans Most Responsive To Social Media Ads

A new study from Nielsen reveals that the influence of ads on social media sites, varies greatly between ethnicities, and it turns out Asian Americans are most likely to respond to ads they see on sites like Facebook. Nielsen rated … Continue reading

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Hey Sandy! A Very Special Holiday Effort for Hurricane Sandy Victims

Hey Sandy, you’re looking happily deranged (have you picked your target yet?) Watch out, because we’ve got an ensemble of artists, including Jason Chen, Clara C, David Choi, Inch Chua, Abraham Lim, Heart Hays, Haviland Stillwell, and Deborah S. Craig, … Continue reading

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Gangnam Style invades Christmas Lighting

If Gangnam Style isn’t everywhere already, this video shows that it has invaded Christmas.  This display, created by John Storms, was an entry in the Old Navy Griswold Lightacular Challenge.  Sorry Gangnam Style fans, voting has already closed for this … Continue reading

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Mr. Cao Goes to Washington Airs on PBS 1/3/2013

Last February at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, I had the privilege to watch the documentary Mr. Cao Goes to Washington on Congressman Joseph Cao, the first Vietnamese American ever elected to the United States Congress (in … Continue reading

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New Garden Grove Councilman Celebrates Swearing in with a Marriage Proposal

Chris Phan, a newly elected Councilman for the city of Garden Grove, had a unique way to celebrate being sworn in – making a very public wedding proposal to his girlfriend Cindy Pham!  According to this interview, he checked first … Continue reading

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Asian Americans & Gun Ownership

As a political junkie, I am a big fan of number cruncher and prognosticator Nate Silver of the New York Times and his Five Thirty Eight blog. With the tragic massacre in Newtown, Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary School, there … Continue reading

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Donnie Yen’s “Dragon (Wu Xia)” I remember the good old days when America would get the first releases of major movies and the rest of the world would have to wait, sometimes a few months or up to a year, for the same movies … Continue reading

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