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Mizuki Oval Rhodium Hana Mizuki Pendant

Whether you’re single or in a happy relationship, it’s Valentine’s Day. Instead of going for a typical heart necklace, try this Hana Mizuki Pendant ($150) is a unique gift for yourself or someone else. Made of rhodium over sterling silver, … Continue reading

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Ben Henderson Wins UFC Lightweight Championship

I have written about a number of Asians Americans in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), such as Mark Munoz and Nam Phan. One that I haven’t talked about is Ben “Smooth” Henderson, who won the UFC lightweight championship at UFC 144 … Continue reading

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Having An Asian Moment: The FP Trailer

The FP is a revelation in film — and it’s too bad that I had to wait until now to see it. Before I get into why I had an Asian moment with this film, let us explore the wonder … Continue reading

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Heejun Han And The Top 8 Most Influential American Idols who are Asian American While American Idol isn’t doing too well in the ratings this season – they recently had their lost-rated episode ever – Heejun Han, the token Asian American American Idol contest of the season has caught the attention of critics … Continue reading

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Hidden Wall Safe

We all know criminals aren’t the smartest people on the block, but even the slyest thief would have a hard time finding your valuables in this Hidden Wall Safe ($7.99). This tricky hidey hole is a small and discrete wall … Continue reading

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North Korea Deploys More Long Range Missiles

From Chosun: “North Korea has deployed an improved, longer-range version of its 240 mm multiple rocket launchers, military sources said Monday. It is expected to unveil them during a parade to mark the centennial of regime founder Kim Il-sung’s birthday … Continue reading

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Time Magazine Apologizes For Placing Hapa Man On Latino Cover

Time Magazine issued an apology last week, February 24, 2012 for using a photo of an Arizona man, who it turns out is not Latino, on a cover about Latino voting power. The cover used a collage of 24 people, … Continue reading

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David Choe Art Tees

People think Facebook’s recent IPO filing has made California artist David Choe a rich man, but they are grossly mistaken. Choe was already a rich man. And he wasn’t homeless (Choe owns a home but lives out of hotels as … Continue reading

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Vivek Wadhwa On Race, Gender, and Meritocracy in Silicon Valley

When Vivek Wadhwa founded a tech company, he was advised by fellow Indian Americans to have a white “front man” to pitch company to venture capitalists. Moving to academia in an attempt to slow down from the hectic tech business … Continue reading

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Census Reveals More Bachelor Degrees, Asian Americans Remain “Best Educated Racial Group”

From the New York Times: “As of last March, 30.4 percent of people over age 25 in the United States held at least a bachelor’s degree, and 10.9 percent held a graduate degree, up from 26.2 percent and 8.7 percent … Continue reading

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Lucky Peach magazine

The growing prevalence of food culture has put America long past the days of grilled cheese (-product) sandwiches and unfulfilling TV dinners. We know the difference between macaroon and macaron, that grass-fed beef tastes better, and why Monsanto needs to … Continue reading

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President Noynoy Of The Philippines Longs For Love

President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III of the Philippines is single but may be looking to change that, as reported by The Guardian: “Given the burdens of this office, if there were someone you could confide in, someone you could talk … Continue reading

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