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Kamala Harris Elected as the First Asian American US Vice President

Saturday morning, the press, after the latest batch of ballots were counted in Pennsylvania, called the presidential election for Joe Biden. By doing that, Americans made history by also electing the first woman and Asian American Vice President, Kamala Harris: … Continue reading

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Have Asian Americans Arrived in Mixed Martial Arts?

In 2008, this forum asked, “why so few Asian American in MMA? Four years later, Ben Henderson is the UFC lightweight champion, Mark Munoz is headlining UFC on Fuel 4, “Munoz vs Weidman,” Cung Le is on the main card … Continue reading

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Asian American Taxi Drivers: Simultaneously Victims And Perpetrators Of Racism

After the September 11 attacks, Asian American cab drivers, particularly those of South Asian origin, were the victims of racism as some Americans spat upon, cursed, and even stabbed any one they thought was “Middle Eastern.” At the same time, … Continue reading

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Forgotten Conflict between Filipinos and African Americans Uncovered in Annapolis

While we have talked about a number of conflicts between African Americans and Asian Americans, the history of African American and Asian American interactions go back as far as the early 20th century.  University of Maryland archaeologists, digging at the … Continue reading

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Vivek Wadhwa On Race, Gender, and Meritocracy in Silicon Valley

When Vivek Wadhwa founded a tech company, he was advised by fellow Indian Americans to have a white “front man” to pitch company to venture capitalists. Moving to academia in an attempt to slow down from the hectic tech business … Continue reading

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American Martial Arts Culture’s Roots in the African-American Community

Some fans of the original Karate Kid movie are appalled by the remake starring Jaden Smith as the new Karate Kid and Jackie Chan as his teacher.  Some are very explicit about their displeasure to a having a black kid … Continue reading

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Asian American Medical Hazard: Mongolian Spots

“What are those?” I asked as I pointed to bruiselike, blueish black patches on The Daughter as she was being examined by her pediatrician. “Just Mongolian spots,” replied the pediatrician. “But we’re not Mongolian!” I said, surprised. Whether you are … Continue reading

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