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How a Remodeling project led to a Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit against a Silicon Valley City

You might think that getting buying a home in an upscale Silicon Valley city like Los Altos, where the median home price is over $2 Million, means that you have “made it” as an American.  Satish Ramachandran feels differently.  His … Continue reading

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Vegan Filipino Food Vendor Plans to Expand

Vegan Filipino food?  When I first heard about vegan Filipino food almost 9 years ago, I was really skeptical.  But the restaurant  chain Nick’s thrived for a long time, and during this Pandemic, owner Reina Montenegro has rebranded the Nick’s … Continue reading

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In Praise of Spam: Prose, a Play, and a Poem

Spam, Eggs, and Rice. That was a familiar and comforting meal when I was a kid, and I still feel that way today. While Spam has been condemned as the epitomy of unhealthy processed food, I recently learned about an … Continue reading

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