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Justin Lin: “A Recipe for Success”

In today’s New York Times (yes, I love The New York Times…), there is an article on Justin Lin (of “Better Luck Tomorrow” fame) profiling what Lin is doing these days – which is getting ready to promote his “new” … Continue reading

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Taiwan Plans Missiles Able to Hit China

As most of you already know, if not from my profile, I am a Taiwanese-American, and hope that Taiwan gets the international recognition that it deserves. In the New York Times article, “Taiwan Plans Missiles Able to Hit China,” the … Continue reading

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equal opportunity goodness

just read this NYT article, “the new affirmative action,” written by David Leonhardt, about how UCLA is dealing with fallout of prop 209. for context, it starts out with describing the situation UCLA found itself in after prop 209 passed: … Continue reading

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Grand Theft Auto: Japanese Schoolgirl Style

In one of the blogs I follow, Real Pop, had a YouTube link to a video of this Japanese video game: This video game is just too funny. Take a look for yourself and let me know what you think! … Continue reading

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[San Francisco] Supervisor Ed Jew suspended from office

Today’s San Francisco Chronicle reports that “[San Francisco] Supervisor Ed Jew Suspended from office.” If you have not been following this story, no, Ed Jew is not Jewish – he is a Chinese-American, the only Asian-American city supervisor where a … Continue reading

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Globalization Gone Wild: Hooters Opens in China

I was watching The Tonight Show tonight and Jay Leno was doing some joke on Hooters opening branches in China. I did a quick Google search to see if this was true – and it is! According to the ABC … Continue reading

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Christine Gambito of

It seems everyone is getting found on YouTube these days. Years ago it used to be email fwds and chain letters, but with the advent of Web 2.0 almost anyone can be a star. Although I’d have to say that … Continue reading

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Quick Thoughts on Survivor China

Well, I caught Survivor when it premiered tonight on CBS. Survivor is in its 15th season now and this time around, taking place in China now. I was a fan of the show when it first came out in the … Continue reading

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Chinese Automobile Rip-Offs

Dude, I totally know how you can save money on a new Audi S4 — buy a SMA Shanghai Maple from China instead! Recent reports of certain automakers in China outright copying the look of Western cars have been met … Continue reading

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Taiwan’s Bid for U.N. Seat Rejected

Yes, count ’em, 15 straight years that the United Nations has rejected the Republic of China, i.e. Taiwan, from entering the United Nations, as reported in the Associated Press today: “UNITED NATIONS (AP) — A key General Assembly committee rejected … Continue reading

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QBert teaches telemarketers new tricks.

Qbert is not only a turntablist phenomenon, he’s also best known as a prankster. This video clip turns the tables on a telemarketer calling him to refinance his home. A little long but well worth the time to see a … Continue reading

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Females: Tampons or Maxipads?

Sophia Yen MD MPH (Adolescent Medicine at LPCH at Stanford) is doing a study called Tampons Or Pads (TOP study) to study why women choose which product and health issues related to that. It should take only 5-10 minutes of … Continue reading

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