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First clip from the Disney•Pixar short film “Sanjay’s Super Team”

In “Sanjay’s Super Team,” the new short film from Pixar Animation Studios to be released on November 25, 2015 as the short playing in front of The Good Dinosaur. Accomplished artist Sanjay Patel uses his own experience to tell the … Continue reading

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8Asians News: Final Fantasy 7 REMAKE

Nearly two decades after the first release, a remake of the wildly popular and epic Final Fantasy 7 has been announced bringing this classic game up to date. Production on this remake has already begun, and it will be available … Continue reading

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Traveling Japan: Gundam & Gundam Front @ Odaiba

A trip to Japan is simply not complete without visiting a giant robot. And a Gundam robot no less. Apparently, it had originally been placed closer to the waterfront, so that you can get this really epic feeling that the … Continue reading

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8$: MARVELS – Rap Music Video About Comic Books & Superheroes

8$ is a series which occasionally highlights interesting crowdfunding projects. Every day, the 8Asians team is inundated by many worthy pitches. We are unable to highlight every one that comes our way, or even the ones we might individually support. … Continue reading

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Attack on Titan: The Game

So apparently, some totally obsessed fan made a tribute game to the anime and manga series Attack on Titan. I totally understand how this fan feels. It’s simply terrible sitting around waiting for the next season to be made and … Continue reading

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Mortal Kombat Cutest Fatality

Few games are as brutal and gut-wrenching as a the Mortal Kombat franchise and its infamous fatalities in which heads are sliced in half, spines are pulled out, and blood and guts are basically spewed everywhere. But what happens when … Continue reading

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Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

I love Studio Ghibli films, Pokemon, and the Japanese role-playing game series “The Tales”. So when I heard about the Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, I was thrilled. Not only does it integrate the best game play … Continue reading

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Xin Wuku and Johnny Yang in ‘Super Mario Bros. Sibling Rivalry’

EMC Monkeys Xin Wuku (playing Mario) and Johnny Yang (playing Luigi) show us how Luigi gets his Final Smash in Smash Bros. Playing up a sibling rivalry between Mario and Luigi, they show us what happens when Luigi wants a … Continue reading

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TechCrunch: How The Huang Brothers Bootstrapped Guitar Hero To A Billion Dollar Business

Living in Silicon Valley, TechCrunch is one of those “must read” tech blogs to find out what’s going on in the Valley and the tech scene overall, especially related to tech startups. A week ago or so, Startup Grind (“a … Continue reading

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World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Expansion Pack’s Asian Fantasy Land

When it comes to Blizzard Entertainment games, Starcraft is my number one favorite. I’ve never been drawn to play World of Warcraft since I generally prefer aliens over orcs. World of Warcraft has always sounded interesting primarily because it is … Continue reading

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Gamer In Taiwan Dies After Playing Diablo 3 For 40 Hours Straight

Oh no, not again. Via G4tv: “The boy, Chuang, was resting on a table in an Internet Cafe when an attendant came to wake him up. According to reports, Chuang stood up, took a few steps around, and then collapsed, … Continue reading

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8Days Giveaway: Pair of Snakebyte Controllers

UPDATE: Congrats to our winners: Jolleen Filio and Michael! This is part of 8Asians’ 2011 “8Days of Giveaways” Celebration. Since 1997, Sunflex has been creating third-party peripherals and accessories under their Snakebyte mark. Instead of looking to create cheaper versions … Continue reading

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