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Official Winners List: 2011 “8Days of Giveaways” Celebration from 8Asians

On behalf of myself, Susan, and all the folks at 8Asians and GASP!, congratulations to all the winners of the 2011 edition of 8Asians’ 8Days of Giveaways Celebration: Michael, Jolleen Filio, Theo Feng, A. Wan, Howard Der, Corinne Smith, Wee, … Continue reading

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Desktop Flip Clock

Too many clocks try to do everything nowadays. From playing tunes, waking you out of bed and letting you know the temperature, it’s hard to find a clock that only tells you the time. This Desktop Flip Clock ($39.90) does … Continue reading

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Yo-Yo Ma Honored in 34th Annual Kennedy Center Honors

Earlier this past week, CBS aired the 2011 Kennedy Center Honors celebration, which took place earlier in December. Yo-Yo Ma was one of the six honorees, which included singer Barbara Cook, singer and songwriter Neil Diamond, saxophonist and composer Sonny … Continue reading

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Oakland Mayor Jean Quan’s Protest Background Raises Dilemma

Jean Quan faced a tough first year as the mayor of Oakland after her controversial handling of the Occupy movement. From the New York Times: “For Ms. Quan, 62, a longtime civil rights activist and former union organizer whose husband … Continue reading

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Safari Fall Wing Tote

Every season, fashion magazines tell us that there’s a new bag in style–hobo, clutch, cross-body–and it’s hard to know if your purchase is really going to make it for the long haul. Luckily, there’s something that’s always in style: giving … Continue reading

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Is Foreign Tuition Money Squeezing Out Asian American College Students?

One of the predictions from the admissions officer who spoke at The Daughter’s High School was that as public universities get their funding cut, they will seek to increase revenue by recruiting more out of state students who can pay … Continue reading

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Martin Hsu’s “Lily’s Kitty” Print

When it comes to decorating, it’s fairly expected to have a print of Van Gogh’s Starry Night or Monet’s lilies. Why not show off your unique taste with this Miyazaki-inspired print by Martin Hsu, entitled Lily’s Kitty ($25). Each print … Continue reading

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CEO Clara Shih of Hearsay Social Named to Starbucks Board of Directors

A few weeks ago, CEO & Co-Founder of San Francisco-based Hearsay Social Labs (a social media enterprise company) Clara Shih was named as a director for Starbucks. Quite an accomplishment for anyone, but especially at the ripe old age of … Continue reading

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Timothy Yu: “Has Asian American Studies Failed?”

Via English and Asian American Studies College Professor Timothy Yu: “…it would seem that Asian American studies has a long way to go in reshaping the larger public discourse on Asians in America. We can’t expect every college graduate to … Continue reading

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Robin Lim Named CNN’s 2011 Hero Of The Year

Earlier this month CNN honored 10 people ranging from directors of non-profits that support military widows, urban youth, and people with disabilities. But, the story that captured my heart was about Robin Lim, or “Mother Robin,” who was the CNN … Continue reading

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Taka the Ninja iPad Leather Case

Here at GASP!, we’ve long been part of the debate about pirates versus ninjas. Some months ago, we offered a pirate keychain but now we’ve found something bigger and better: this Taka the Ninja iPad Leather Case ($55.50). Handstitched from … Continue reading

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Kickstarter’s Co-Founder & CEO Perry Chen On NBC Rock Center

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy I had heard of the crowd funding site Kickstarter before, initially from a TechCrunch article on raising money for a project to make an iPod Nano wrist watch … Continue reading

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